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OSR News Roundup for June 26th, 2023

I'm back and ready to jump back into the swing of things. I'll be covering a selection of releases from the past two weeks, to make up for my vacation last week. I'd also mentioned a few weeks ago that I'm opening a brick and mortar game store; the soft launch is the upcoming Saturday, July 1st. If you're in the central Virginia region and want to stop by we'd love to see you! I'll have a pretty wide selection of OSR and indie games in stock (pretty much my entire webstore will be in stock). You can find the store at Sabre Games and Cards on Facebook.

*I'd mentioned the Skyrealms jam on itch (using the soon to be released Skyrealms by Iko); throne of gods is one submission for that jam, a pamphlet-style adventure by David H.K. Jackson.

*DNGN FKRS, by Bad Quail Games, is a rules-lite dungeon crawl themed game.

*Alone in the Labyrinth has published Fleche, a game using the 24XX system and inspired by Spire.

*Forgotten Ballad is billed as a "sword and song" adventure game, and is inspired by the Zelda video games.

*Cezar Capacle is using Crowdfundr to raise money for Nexalis, a game set in "an otherworldly realm where islands drift amidst an endless cosmic ocean of magical plasma, the Nectar".

*Witches of Midnight is a cool-looking witch-themed urban fantasy game currently raising money on Kickstarter, using Forged in the Dark mechanics.

*I've been impressed by the releases from Cats Have no Lords; their recent release on itch is A Tomb of Twins, an adventure statted for CRACK!, Cairn, and Mork Borg. It's also available on Drivethru.

*The Technomancer of Candy Mountain is funding on Kickstarter. Using Mutant Crawl Classics, it's a love song to Adventure Time and Willy Wonka.

*It's coming in late towards the end of the month, but Zine 3: Pride, by Girls Write These Worlds, is a Pride-themed bundle of games available on itch.

*Yellow Cube, by Apocrypha Now, is a supplement for Mork Borg.

*James Mishler has released City of Hawkmoor, a supplement and setting for Shadowdark.

*Into the Barrow of the Long-forgotten King is an adventure for Shadowdark.

*Colin Le Sueur, the author behind We Deal in Lead and Ruincairn, has jus released Howl, an adventure for Cairn inspired by English folklore and the Ravenloft setting.

*Bill Barsh and Pacesetter games are well-known in the OSR-sphere, and they've just released the Adventurer RPG Dungeon and Player's Guide, both in Beta. It's inspired by the Holmes Basic set.

*Space Station M, by Bloat Games, is a monster manual for OSR-style games inspired by retro adventure games.

*Matt Finch has released the revised Swords and Wizardry ruleset, with a cover by Erol Otus.

*The Hex and Bones Tabletop Club has released The Weird Prospectus, Vol. 1, a guide to populating hexes and dungeons in the Blackrock setting.

*Aaron Hedegaard has released By the Light of the Whispering Flame, a pointcrawl adventure for Worlds Without Number.

*The Planar Circus, by Rutibex, is an old-school supplement that introduces a sprawling, plane-spanning fair.

*The folks at Stellagama Publishing has released the Bestiary of Cryptofauna, a selection of monsters for Shadowdark.

*Red Ruin Publishing has released the 10th issue of A Casket of Fays, their free Dragon Warriors fanzine. This one features a tribute cover to Russ Nicholson, the influential British artist who recently passed away.

*Finally, this isn't a new release, but it is new to me. I don't know how I managed to miss this, but Emmy Allen has published Deep Morphean Transmissions, with art by the incomparable Scrap Princess.

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