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OSR News Roundup for June 27th, 2022

So, I've got some good news to start off today's Roundup; I got an email from Drivethrurpg earlier in the week that they have negotiated a deal with Lightning Source, their printer, and we will *not* be seeing a price increase this July. They're also currently looking at options for other printers. I'm not sure, in today's climate, if that will amount to anything.

*The Melsonian Arts Council has released the Big Squirm Research Pack, and introduction to their upcoming noir adaption of Troika.

*Simple Modernity, by the Scrying Dutchman, is an OSR-compatible ruleset that provides a framework to running games in a modern setting.

*Illustrator Jeremy Hart has released Creature Feature Vol. 1, a collection of 160 monsters for OSE.

*Five Emperors Games has just published Fountains of the Green Lady, designed as an introductory module to OSR-style games.

*Into the Pit is a collection of weirdness from Rafael Chandler, a product of his recent Metallic Tome Kickstarter. Furnace Ov the Hellementals is another of his releases just out (Chandler's been busy!).

*I thought this looked interesting: Atelier Clandestine has released another supplement, this one a Kaiju Generator.

*Ashen Void, by Albert Rakowski, is a dark fantasy, system-neutral campaign setting.

*Dragonmaw Cave, by Richard Ruane, is a 0-level funnel for BX-style games, and includes optional rules for OSR-game systems.

*We're running into the final days of the OSR June Jam, hosted by Monkey's Paw Games over on itch. It's looking pretty amazing, with an impressive 88 entries as of the time of this post (note that I'm not mentioning specific releases that are part of this jam, but am rather plugging the whole project).

*Hot Springs Island is a classic system-neutral hexcrawl, and the publisher is in the last week of a Kickstarter to fund a new printing of the original as well as a new island to add to the hexcrawl.

*Mysteries of the Multiverse is a new 'zine for DCC and MCC funding on Kickstarter.

*Soul Muppet's current Kickstarter, Gangs of Titan City, is in its final days of funding for a game of grimdark urban role-playing.

*Not specifically for OSR-games, but Loot Hunters is a fantasy supplement with an old school feel.

*Claw Atlas is a new group of maps for the solo journaling and worldbuilding game Beak, Feather, and Bone.

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