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OSR News Roundup for June 3rd, 2024

It's the first Monday in June. This year is just flying by. I'd mentioned Evlyn Moreau's new release, The Choir, a few weeks ago. I'm pleased to annouce that Sabre Games is currently the sole US distributor for the print version of the game, and Ratti Incantati is the Canadian distributor (although it doesn't seem to be up on their website yet). Let's dive in and see what was released last week, shall we?

  • The Merry Mushmen, of Knock and Black Sword Hack fame, have just launched a Kickstarter for a pair of adventures, one of which is billed as a sequel to their lauded first adventure, Ragged Hollow.

  • A new (to me) publisher, Molten Blast, is Kickstarting a bestiary for old-school dragons and undead. It looks like this one adapts a previous release, which was for 5e, and converts the creatures to standard, system-agnostic, OSR format.

  • I've been really impressed with Emiel Boven's Electrum Archive zine, and saw that issue 2 is now available in pdf on itch. We're Kickstarter backers, and I hope to have the print version of Issue 2 in stock as soon as it is available.

  • I'd mentioned Chaoclypse's new zine, Chaos Crawler, a few weeks back. It's now available on Drivethrurpg as a pdf, and sounds like the author is exploring some print options. This is a 28-page, wide-ranging zine with a generous splash of gonzo.

  • Omnik has released Wander, a really neat-looking solo rpg about reactivating ancient pacts with spirits, fey creatures, and giants.

  • Awhile back, when Cairn 2e was Kickstarting, Yochai Gal released a starter adventure to go along with it called Rise of the Blood Olms. They've now made this adventure available via Lulu priced at cost. Lulu is a great option for folks overseas, since there are a number of printers located throughout the world and it can really help reduce shipping costs.

  • I'm not familiar with the works of post world games, but they've just released Snickersnee on Drivethru, a minimalist fantasy game with definite NSR sensibilities. I'm curious to check it out; it's outside of my usual style of play, but it can be a good thing to step outside your comfort zone every so often.

  • Passive Corruption is a short, interesting-looking release for DCC that adds several traits to the game that can be used to mechanically add a grimdark feel to the system.

  • Pirate Borg gets a lot of praise for its nautical rules and tone, and Beau Yarbrough has just released Five Lost Souls, a bestiary for Mork Borg that adds five new foes for the players to encounter.

  • Awkward Turtle has released Wizard Trash, Goblin Treasure, a short game of navigating a goblins and a wizard with a penchant for conjuring goods from our world as a form of retail therapy. It features art by Nate Treme, who is always a great illustrator for projects.

  • The Doom of Blackwinter is an adventure for Old School Essentials that contains a lot of material -- over 70-pages, including a city that can be used as a home base and introduction to the author's setting.

  • I also totally forgot to post this, but the Into the Wild Omnibus offset edition is now available. It's a 390+ page, full color, sewn binding hardbound with velvet ribbon bookmark.

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