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OSR News Roundup for June 5th, 2023

June has rolled right around, and it feels like summer is finally here. As I write this North Texas RPG Con is underway, one of the largest conventions that focuses mostly on OSR games. Let's see what has been released in the past week, shall we?

*Crumbling Keep is raising funds for A Strange House, a whimsical adventure for OSE, with art by Evlyn Moreau.

*Cezar Capacle has released Insurgent and is currently slowfunding it on itch. It's a game in which the players take the roll of rebels fighting against tyranny, and can be played solo or with multiple players.

*Mixed Success is an interesting, bi-annual TTRPG magazine that is now accepting submissions. It is interested in articles and pieces on all aspects of gaming.

*Aron Clark has released Holmes & Clark for free, their take on the Holmes basic set.

*I mentioned this awhile back when it was crowdfunding, and now the Beyond Corny Gron: Adventurers Guide is now out on itch and Drivethru. It's a mountain crawl setting inspired by Polish folklore, and the art is absolutely amazing.

*Issue One of Xine is out, a community published zine for the Cortex system.

*Black Books: Tomes of the Outer Dark has been updated to reflect new ownership and a print version has also been released. It's an OSR take on Call of Cthulhu.

*As long-time readers may know, I'm a sucker for random generators, and HungryClone has released a Local God Generator on itch that looks right up my alley.

*Sivad's Sanctum is amazingly prolific, and they just released Ghosts of the Sierra Verde, a Wolves Upon the Coast inspired Wild West hexcawl.

*Case File #009: Famine, written for Paranormal Society, is now live on itch. The investigators must determine the cause and source of an infection spreading amongst local farms.

*Levi Kornelsen has released Appendix: Kiths, an alternate take on races for fantasy gaming. While written for Query Six, this supplement can be easily hacked for a variety of systems.

*Into the Maze of Dreams, by Hexplore Publishing, is a weird fantasy adventure written for OSE.

*I'd mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Colin Le Sueur was slow-funding the Ruincairn Bestiary; it's now available on Drivethru.

*Troll Lord Games is offering a Player's Bundle of titles in the Castles and Crusades line.

*Skellig Fuil is a new adventure by Starry Knight Press, written for OSR games, and centered around an ancient curse that draws the players towards a nest of vampires.

*Ivan Richmond has written an introductory adventure for Knave 1: Keep of Shadow.

*James Mishler has released a hexmap for their upcoming Hawkmoor setting, which will be written for Shadowdark.

*Rot, Pox, and Worm is a new supplement that adds diseases to OSR-style games. The entirety of the book is also available in the preview, which is very generous of the author.

*John Michael Topple has released Dungeon Detritus, Vol 1., a short zine he wrote. It contains mostly illustrations of dungeon furnishings that can be printed out and used as tokens, and was inspired as an aid to introduce his young children to gaming.

*The Murk's Curse is a three part, micro-sandbox setting for OSE and other old school games.

*Chaoclypse has released Lair of the Frog God, a short, system neutral point-crawl and adventure that has optional stats for Cairn.

*It's a mouthful, but the The Mausolean Maze of Mondulac the Mad is an adventure for OSE designed to be run with little to no prep.

*The Into the Wild Omnibus edition Kickstarter is still running, and art is starting to come in to replace the stock art that was originally used in A Guide to Thieves' Guilds.

*I've released a bunch of new stuff in the webstore, including Issue 22 of Populated Hexes Monthly, which features the lair of a fungal horror, new monsters, spells, and items for forested locations, and a new class: the ironskin craftpriest.

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