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OSR News Roundup for March 13th, 2023

Second week of March, and things are quieting down with ZineMonth over for all but a few projects.

*The big news on the Kickstarter front is that Matt Finch and Mythmere Games are getting ready to launch their Kickstarter for the new Swords and Wizardry. This has been a not well-kept secret for awhile -- I interviewed Matt back in the summer, and I know he's been on Wobblies and Wizards to discuss it.

*I also can't believe I hadn't mentioned this earlier, and we're squeaking in just under the wire. Columbia Games is Kickstarting a 40-year anniversary HarnWorld hardback edition.

*Daniel Sell, of the Melsonian Arts Council, has launched Benighted Betrothal, an OSR-adventure.

*I'm not familiar with Molten Blast, but they've just launched a Kickstarter for a collection of three OSR adventures for different level ranges and themes.

*Carrion of Chaos is a Kickstarter raising funds for an OSR box set. I was honestly a little torn promoting this project; doing a box set is a big logistical commitment, and it's the creator's first Kickstarter, so that makes me leery. However, it's an interesting project and I hope they're successful.

*The prolific Diogo Nogueira has sponsored a bundle on itch in support of a Brazilian artist who needs help to afford medical care. There are some *amazing* names in the Brazilian RPG scene (and beyond!) who have donated to the bundle, and it's for a good cause.

*David Blandy asks the eternal question AITA with A-Hole in the Ground, the project their currently itch-funding.

*This Mortal Coil, a game of playing necromancers in space, is in beta and funding on itch. As someone who's a huge fan of the Locked Tomb series, this sounds like a really neat project.

*Arcane Tools, Treasures, and Trinkets is a free publication out on itch filled with 100 system neutral magic items.

*Wallet Stations is a pocket-sized space station generator the size of a business card.

*Shadowdark is the new (upcoming) hotness in gaming, that seeks to blend OSR and more modern version of D&D. It's got 16 days to go (as of the 13th) and looks likely to be the next million dollar Kickstarter.

*Speaking of Shadowdark, Soulblight is a new setting and supplement for it that has just been released on Drivethru.

*Ink Potion Studios has released a number of stock art selections. I'm not linking to all of them, but here's one selection I thought looked cool.

*James Floyd Kelley -- also known as the Tabletop Engineer -- has released Delver #7 on Drivethru. I should be getting the print copies in before too long, and will also be restocking other Delver Issues that are currently out of stock. They also released an Adventure Journal for players to use to keep track of their exploits.

*Big Sword: Graves and Groves is a new zine for DCC and other similar systems. It also features some amazing artists, such as Tony Tran and Jim Hall (Brooklet Games). This is another title I hope to have in stock pretty soon.

*Eyes Beyond the Torchlight Monster Cards is a selection of 184 monster cards for the EBtT system.

*Another new publication for Shadowdark is Expanded Equipment, which is pretty much as it sounds.

*I think Worlds Without Number is a great system, and The Marsh King is a new adventure written for that system by Parts per Million.

*I've started adding some pdfs by Lazy Litch to the webstore, including their recently funded Toxic Wood.

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