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OSR News Roundup for March 20th, 2023

Welcome to the News Roundup for the third week in March. Hopefully everyone survived the Ides without incident. Last week's Meet the Publisher interview was, I think, an interesting one: many of you may be aware of Crowdfundr, the (newish) platform for raising money for projects that gained a lot of attention during ZineMonth. David Barach, the president of Crowdfundr, was nice enough to answer some of my questions about the platform and how he thinks it differs from Kickstarter. Also, I've taken a leap into podcasting, with the release of episode(s) of the OSE game I'm running over Zoom. It's a mid-level hexcrawl game, something that I don't think there are any current examples of, and features playing characters and multiple retainers. We play every other week, and the plan is to have new episodes drop every other Tuesday.

*Douglas Cole of Gaming Ballistic is raising funds for Best Supporting Actors: Adversaries and Allies for OSE.

*Another Kickstarter I somehow failed to mention (I blame the chaos around ZineMonth) is Goodman Game's Dungeon Denizens. It's their most backed Kickstarter, and includes a bunch of monsters statted for both 5e and DCC. It's only got a couple of days as of the posting of this Roundup, so be sure to jump on it while you've got the chance.

*Long-time readers of the Roundup will know that taichara is one of my favorite authors, and they've just published Kristin Saint-Clair's Little Book of Beasts, a new system agnostic mini-bestiary as a PWYW on itch. If you haven't had a chance to check out their Hamsterish Hoard of Monsters (a free download) you should; it's my favorite OSR bestiary by far.

*Speaking of bestiaries, Forms of the Matter Lords is raising funds on Crowdfundr. It's a system-neutral bestiary focusing on elemental-themed creatures.

*Barkeep on the Borderlands is a system-neutral "pubcrawl" by Prismatic Wastelands that has a neat hook and a bunch of stuff for running city-based adventures.

*I thought this project on Kickstarter looked pretty interesting, especially as gaming becomes more mainstream. Luna Uni is specifically designed for classroom use -- although it doesn't have to be used there -- and focusing on encouraging collaborative story-telling.

*Stones to Kill the Sea is an adventure for the Bastards rpgs, available on itch. It includes a lighthouse to explore as well as a small, ocean-based hexcrawl.

*Thurrelion is a system agnostic, mini-setting of floating islands, and is now available on itch.

*Iko, the creator of the upcoming Lost Bay rpg, has just released the first adventure for that system: Unit DH-17, in which a suburban house contains supernatural horrors.

*Voyage to Plague Island uses the trope of adventurers drugged and captured, awakening to find themselves on a boat on the way to someplace deadly. It might be a good filler adventure for Referees looking to reset a campaign, though.

*There's no official monk class for OSE, although there are a number of 3pp versions (including one of mine), and now there's the Monk-Herbalist available on Drivethru. It's billed as a healer/monk detective, which is an interesting take.

*Philip Reed has released Here be Dragons, a collection of random tables focusing on dragons, and funded as a part of ZiMo23.

*The Sunless Fane is another adventure written for the upcoming Shadowdark game, this one for level 2 characters.

*Prisoners of the Elf King is an OSR adventure written for a party of dwarves intent on escaping from the palace of the elf king.

*While the above title has players as dwarves, Kobold Quest: Draught of the Dragon has them play as kobolds. This version is written for Basic Fantasy, but it's also available in 5e, Pathfinder, and other flavors.

*I had interviewed Stuart Robertson about his ZiMo project, and it's now out. Advanced Ancient Academy is a dungeon crawl for parties of 1st-2nd level, written for Old School Essentials.

*The Vampyre Hack is an homage to the 90s version of Vampire, the Masquerade.

*Best Left Buried is a cool, rules-light fantasy horror game, and it's now available as a pdf compilation of the three core rulebooks.

*The Totality of Ygg is a massive, free, OSR-fantasy heartbreaker. It comes in at over 400-pages.

*It's been awhile since I had a sale, so, uh, yeah. All print books are 30% off until the end of today (Monday the 20th).

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