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OSR News Roundup for March 27th, 2023

March is almost over, and there's a lot going on at the end of the month: between Gary Con and Pax East, in addition to a number of smaller conventions, it's a busy time of year in the gaming community, which might account for not as many new releases as might be expected.

*A Feast for a Sphinx is a new adventure written for Mork Borg by Sofia Ramos and Evlyn Moreau. It's available on itch.

*Evlyn seems to have been busy recently, since she's also done some illustrations for a Kickstarter that's ending soon. Crime Fighting Luchadores is a rules-lite game inspired by Scooby Doo, The Venture Bros, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, and more, in which characters take on the roles of masked luchadores fighting monsters.

*Also with art by Evlyn is the Collaborative Worldbuilder's Guide, available on itch. Written by Brooklet Games, it is a PWYW product with guidelines for working with players in a session 0 to create a collaboratively built world.

*Peter Regan is running a Kickstarter for Black Pudding Zine Issue 7, written and illustrated by James V. West.

*Five a.m. Panic is a short adventure written for Into the Odd that is set in the midst of an early morning riot.

*Smoldering Dung Games is Kickstarting Severed Fate, a 1st level adventure for OSRIC.

*A Dungeon Game, by Loot the Room, is available as PWYW on itch. The author has made it open content for anyone to hack or use.

*I've talked a bit about solo gaming on this blog: 2d6 Dungeon is a solo, build as you play dungeon that is currently funding on Kickstarter.

*The Graves is a PWYW dungeon map by "Raznag" Tremblay available for personal use.

*Midnight Owl Games has released a pack of 50 art noveau-inspired VTT character tokens. They're really stunning, visually.

*There's already a number of Shadowdark compatible stuff I've been seeing popping up: Rad World is written for Shadowdark and presents a post-apocalyptic setting inspired by Gamma World, Fallout, and Ultraviolet Grasslands.

*I love me some random tables, and 100 Trinkets of Sea and Shore offers a selection of one line treasures that can be used with a nautically themed game.

*Sword and Chaos is a new rpg that uses the Castles and Crusades Siege Engine system in a Conan-style setting. It caught my eye because of the artists that contributed to this project: Carlos Castilho, Billy Blue, Francesco Accordi, and more.

*Another product for Shadowdark is The Last Candle, designed to be an adventure and introduction to a setting. It looks like there's a ton of material in the book, and the blurb specifically calls out the use of hyperlinking in the text, which as someone who uses a lot of pdfs I find very useful.

*Alan Bahr is a prolific and imaginative author (he wrote Coins and Blood), and he's back with Deep Dark, a game in which dwarves and goblins, once mortal enemies, must work together against a common foe.

*Knight Owl Publishing has released Into the Space Worm, set in the same world as the Chaos Gods Came to Meatlandia.

*Philip Reed has a new Kickstarter up, this time raising funds for D100 Dungeon Hooks.

*After some technical hiccups I've release the second episode of Basilisk Hills Breakdown, a mid-level sandbox actual play hexcrawl with a focus on domain-style play.