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OSR News Roundup for March 6th, 2023

ZineMonth2023 is now officially over, although there are still some projects still in the funding state. I hope everyone who participated this year had a successful campaign, and those that did not fund anything still found some projects of interest to support. I'm planning on some follow-up interviews with creators some time in the late spring, once everyone has had a chance to catch their breath and are hopefully on their way to fulfilling their campaigns.

One thing I wanted to mention is that Logar the Barbarian has announced the end of the Wobblies and Wizards podcast, at least in its current format. He and his co-hosts have been consistently putting out short episodes on a daily basis for more than a year, and have been, I think, one of the best promoters of indie gaming in the ttrpg scene. I'm looking forward to what they cook up next.

The other big news is that the GM's Day Sale is currently going on over at Drivethrurpg and related sites. There are a lot of OSR titles that can be found as part of that sale. Also, since it is March and St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching, I'm having a sale on the Leprechaun, a limited edition 'zine by Appendix N Entertainment.

Let's take a look and see what has happened in the past week:

*99 Cent Adventures Presents: The Lost Crown of the Lich King, is a Kickstarter raising funds for five short adventures, each one statted for 5e, Pathfinder 1st Edition, and OSR-compatible.

*I mentioned Princess Guard a few weeks back; it's now available in a saddlestitched print version, here.

*The Box & Bones bundle up on itch contains two adventures: one for Mausritter, the other for Cairn.

*Worlds Without Number doesn't get nearly enough love, I don't think; there's a PWYW Merchant Class for the system now available on itch.

*David Blandy, the author of Lost Eons, is hosting an itch jam for the Eco MOFOS system. It's being billed as a "eco-punk weirdhope" themed.

*Stolen Souls, by Simon Burley, is a generic fantasy adventure designed to be used as an introduction to role-playing.

*Atelier Clandestin is known for producing short publications focusing on random generation; their new title is Ancient Divinity Generator.

*This one popped up on my radar and immediately grabbed my attention: Bibliocalypse is a rules-lite OSR game that features a rotating Librarian (GM) that the players take turns as. There's also a free version you can download to see what it is like.

*Red Ruin Publishing continues to put out free content for the Dragon Warriors game. Trostenhal Mine is their sixth adventure in the Maunderlak Saga

*Luke Gearing continues to put out some quality products: Where the River Meets the Sea is his newest addition, a neat-looking adventure with Luke's unique take on things.

*The ZVM bundle presents a series of maps and adventures written as a part of ZineMonth, and look to be a good product for Referee's looking for filler or one-off adventures.

*Precis Intermedia has released a revised version of the classic, and hard-to-find, game What Price Glory.

*Curse of the Blood Moon, by John Calvacante, is inspired by the Bloodborne video game, and is an adventure written for Old School Essentials.

*Cthonstone Games has released Essential Enemies #3, a bestiary for Old School Essentials.

I've added some new products to my website:

  1. Some new d66 zines by Phillip Reed: Bizarre Seafolk, Bizarre Citizens, Bizarre Foes, and Bizarre Chests.

  2. Populated Hexes Monthly #19 is available in pdf, staplebound, and on Drivethru.

  3. It features rules for naval engagements that let each PC take on a shipboard role, and includes printable vessel hex tokens.

  4. I finally got my copies of the excellent We Deal in Lead, by Colin Le Sueur. This is a gorgeous hardback, weird west game inspired by the Dark Tower gunslinger series.

  5. It's not specifically OSR, but I also just got in the Shield Maiden's Game by Mongoose publishing; the GMs and Player's handbooks. It imagines a cyberpunk Viking future.

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