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OSR News Roundup for May 15th, 2023

Let's just dive right in, shall we?

*For some reason I managed to miss this, even though I have seen Colin Le Sueur posting about it. Colin, the author of We Deal in Lead and Ruincairn, is itchfunding the Ruincairn Bestiary, which is going to add

*Pine Shallows -- A Meddlesome Kids Game, is now available in its final form on itch. It's inspired by shows like The Goonies, Stranger Things, and Gravity Falls.

*Killjester Games (the folx behind Errant), have released Swineheart Motel, a modern horror game designed to be played in just a few sessions.

*The Door Locks Behind You funded in 2021 for ZQ3 and is now open for preorders. It's an NSR game that seeks to emulate Zelda and inspired by systems such as Knave, Mausritter, and more.

*Shard of Life is an adventure for Shadowdark, written for 4th-6th level characters.

*Goblin's Henchman has released In the Heart of the Earth, a procedural cavern and dungeon generator that uses their famous hexflower system of random generation.

*Gary's Appendix Issues 1 and 2 are now available on Drivethru in pdf form. You can also get them through my webstore in staplebound print/pdf bundles.

*There's probably more Cairn hacks out there than almost any other system, and Sea of Mur is a new system of island-hopping swashbuckling adventure based on Cairn.

*As if to prove my point, A Gathering Storm, but Seedling Games, is another Cairn hack that is now out in pdf. It's an adventure written for starting players (and can also be purchased in zine form here).

*Black Star is an interesting-looking Star Wars clone that has already garnered some good reviews, despite having been out for only a short period of time.

*If you're looking for a rules-light fantasy minis game, Sword Weirdos might be right up your alley. It's specifically designed to be used with minis, but with a rules-light approach play.

*Gorgon in Fairflow, by Elven Tower, is a 4th level adventure written for Shadowdark.

*One of the contributions of Mork Borg to the hobby has been, I think, the oversized influence the game has had on other writers and genres. Journeys Weird and Winding is built on the Mork Borg engine and inspire by Troika to produce a new take on the fantasy genre, and includes a bunch of random generation rules.

*PocketQuest23 was a contest sponsored by Drivethru with the aim of creating a space-themed, 20-page ruleset in 2 months, and Feast of the Hive Syndicate is an entry in that contest, where the players take on the rolls of AIs controlling salvaging ships.

*I've been waiting for awhile for Luka Rejec to release their SEACAT system, and its finally out, but not as SEACAT. Instead, it's called Synthetic Dream Machine and a free preview is available on Drivethru. The paid version can be found here.

*I saw the Kickstarter for Tales from Myriad and was intrigued. It's not OSR, but has a neat concept and looks like it provides a lot of tools for dungeon and wilderness exploration. There's also a free 100-page demo available from the KS page.

*Adventure Squared is Kickstarting Critters, Creatures, and Beasts, a collection of 36 system agnostic but fantasy-themed monsters. It looks like it is just available in pdf format, but seems to be designed so it can be easily printed out.

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