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OSR News Roundup for May 1st, 2023

It's the first of May, and time for a news roundup. Some of you may have noticed that the Meet the Publisher interviews are on hiatus; after the marathon series of interviews I did for ZineMonth I needed to take a little break. That being said, if you're a creator and you'd like to answer some questions about your work, feel free to drop me a line and I'll send over some questions.

*Fehu Games is Kickstarting their second series of quick-starters, two semi-linked, short adventures designed to take no longer than a session to play.

*This was released a week ago and didn't make it into last week's Roundup, so I wanted to make sure to plug it this week. The Secret Table collective has released Where Once was the Sea on itch, a short sea-themed dungeon with rooms crafted by different members of the collective and art by Evlyn Moreau.

*Goblin With a Raygun is a BX/OSE compatible one page adventure available on itch.

*Cartomancy is a rules-light rpg that uses a deck of cards instead of dice. It's available in a compact tri-fold format.

*Squidhead Games has just released an ashcan version of their game Galactic Ops, a rules-lite sci-fi rpg where you play operatives given dangerous missions.

*Chris Bissette has added A Dungeon Game to itch. It's the second edition of A Dragon Game, and is a rules-light spin on OSR games that is available as PWYW.

*In the Blind: Partial Transmission is a sci-fi game inspired by Trophy Gold, Mothership, and more, and inspired by media such as Alien. This is just a preview, with the full game coming out later.

*Micah Anderson has released The Black Manse in pdf form on itch, a horrifying scenario written for Bastards about the fallout from a failed assault on Hell.

*Matrix Ghost Games has put the basic rules for Chromatic Shadows up on itch for free. It's billed as an occult cyberpunk game.

*A quick and dirty hack of Into the Odd, Grunt Hack sends modern day soldiers into old modules for a new twist on the classics.

*Heroes of Adventure Player's Handbook is a free 64-page game, containing everything needed to create a character.

*Roque Romero has released a couple of art packs on itch. This one is for grimdark rpgs. The best part is they're free to download! You can search the publisher's page for the rest.

*The Braunhaven Manor for the Indigent is an OSR adventure with a nice hook; if the adventurers clear the deserted manor house they get the property as a reward. I always like this sort of thing, as it encourages the PCs to set down roots in a community and engage in a little base-building.

*Shadowdark - Additional XP for Killing Cunning Foes and Doing Dangerous Things, is a PWYW release for the new Shadowdark that does pretty much what it says on the tin.

*Destination Hollow Ground and Professions for Pirate Borg is a bundle of four titles for Pirate Borg.

*Noora Rose has just released It Came From Below, a horror-tinged 0-level funnel compatible with any OSR-style game. They're also slowfunding Fiends and Fortunes, a combined bestiary and treasure book for the Unconquered system (or any other OSR gam). This is the first time I've seen slowfunding done on Drivethru, so I'm curious to see how it goes.

*Whisper and Venom is a massive new release, featuring a setting and adventure. This version is written for OSE.

*Darkmine Prison is an adventure for Shadowdark that features the PCs planning an assault on a mine-prison to free a political prisoner.

*Another RP Davis release is Dark Delves, a collection of five easy to use, vanilla-enough to place into an existing campaign, adventures for OSR-games,