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OSR News Roundup for May 22nd, 2023

Jim Wampler, author of Mutant Crawl Classics, Scientific Barbarian, and more, as well as a well-known artist, has designed and made free for use a "This product is free of AI" badge. It's free to use by everyone, and is a nice-looking design. I've noticed an uptick in AI-generated art and text in the past six or so months, and I think it's a great thing for the indie and small press community to have this. Let's see what's new in the gaming front!

*The prolific Philip Reed has launched a new fundraising project, hot on the heels of his last one. This one, Fichte's Rumors of Lost Treasures, is a collection of rumors that can be used to entice your players into adventure. There are some assorted new titles available as well as part of the Kickstarter.

*It's not OSR, but I thought Realms of Riddles looked interesting, mostly because having a resource of riddles is always a great thing for a DM to have tucked in their back pocket to confuse and delight.

*Christian Eichhorn is raising funds for Monsters!, a bestiary of monsters for use with Mork Borg. They put out consistently good products, so this is definitely worth a look.

*Another Mork Borg related project now on KS is Mork Manual, a hack of MB designed to emulate the classic fantasy genre.

*Best known for his 5e work, as well as the amazing amount of time he's put into documenting the trainwreck that is nu-TSR, David Flor is crowdfunding the Mosidian Temple, a dungeon he wrote at the tender age of 12 and just recently re-discovered.

*Again, not strictly OSR, but the Lair of the Leopard Empress looks like a super cool Swords and Sorcery book that is now available on Drivethru.

*Iko's Skyrealms was successfully funded awhile back, and pdfs are now out (hopefully with print soon to follow). In celebration, they're hosting a game jam on itch.

*Long Tail Games is sponsoring a Tiny Library game jam on itch that is about halfway through and has nearly forty submissions. The theme of this jam (and the new version of Tiny Library) is modern fantasy.

*James Mishler has written the Shapeshifter class for Shadowdark.

*Chronicles of Aeres: Wilderkind, is a 3rd party supplement for Castles and Crusades that provides rules for playing Redwall-style characters.

*Jeff Talanian, with art by Del Teigeler, has produced a free ready-ref sheet for the Hyperborea game.

*I was excited to see this the other day. Although I haven't had a chance to look at it, Christopher Heatherington has released a free, one-roll mass combat system for Old School Essentials.

*Enemies Closer, by Richard Kelly, is a supplement for Pharmagothica that adds faction rules. The system is based on Mork Borg.

*Joshua Burnett has released Crepuscular #2, a zine for DCC with some really cool art. You can get the physical zine though my webstore.

*Delver Issue 8 is out in pdf on Drivethru. This zine, by James Kelly, is written for OSE and other old-school systems. Kelly's also release the Book of Tombs, Vol 2, a collection of twenty maps, monsters, and random tables.

*I haven't heard of Prudence Publishing before, but they've just released Hexploratores Vol. 1. It's written for OSR games, specifically Knave, and does something similar to what I do with the Populated Hexes Series. This issue looks at an island in their default setting.

*Men in Metal, by RHampton, is a PWYW look at early fantasy wargaming, before it became Chainmail. I believe the author has said it will only be PWYW for a short while before they put a fixe price on it, so now might be the time to grab it.

*I've added a bunch of new titles to the webstore, both old and new. I don't have the space to list them here, but they include some used Battletech titles from the late 90s/early aughts in NM condition, some new DCC titles, zines, and more.

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