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OSR News Roundup for May 30, 2022

This year is just flying by, and here's the News Roundup for the last weekend in May. For folks in the US, this is the Memorial Day weekend, so let's see what the news brings. It seems to be a pretty slow news week, but there are still some cool-looking releases.

*Dread Knight is a new character class for Mork Borg that can be found on Drivethru.

*The Black Fortress has released Random Dungeon Generator: Secrets and Traps. I'm a big fan of publications like this that help to spice up dungeon creation.

*A Tangle of Tables is a collection of random tables for use in fantasy games, written by Duncan Thomson.

*Something that is right up my alley is RPG Blacksmith's newest release, a collection of 150 hand-drawn tokens and tiles for use in creating world maps.

*Another release that may be of interest to folks that like techniques to procedurally generate settings is Seven Golden Coins, an Elden Ring inspired setting generator.

*The Dark is currently crowdfunding on Gamefound and has a day left as of this publication. It's a solo journaling game about isolation and loss in the face of oncoming darkness.

*Spooky Jaguar has released Brutal on itch, a simple game using on d6s.

*Delvers in Dark Places, by Priestess of Spiders, is a simple 2-page OSR-lite system.

*Phillip Reed's new project, Fathomless Despair, a foldout booklet for Mork Borg, is almost done Kickstarting as of this publication.

*The Scorched Citadel is a PWYW adventure written for OSE as part of the Dying Earth itch jam (which I was unaware of! curse you, itch search function!!)

*I just missed this for the last Roundup, but Diogo Nogueira has released Dream Thieves on itch, a "surreal heist adventure for AZAG."

*Levi Gilbert has released an artpack on itch free to use, as long as the artist is credited. The art is all pen and ink and incredibly cool (see below for a sample). This is one artist I'm definitely going to be following in the future.

*I'm having a Memorial Day sale on the webstore through the end of May. Take 10% off all items in stock by using the code "Memorial" at checkout.

*I've restocked on Planar Compass Issues 1 and 2, and just got a new 'zine in by Marx of High Waters. a loud sound in a quiet place is a story-game exploring temporary hearing lost.

*The Basilisk Hills Offset Print Kickstarter is launching on Tuesday, funding an offset print run of the Basilisk Hills Hexcrawl book. I've already gotten the print proof in, so it is ready to go and looks great!

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