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OSR News Roundup for May 8th, 2023

It seems like publishers have picked up the pace again after a few weeks of slowish releases, especially with Kickstarters. Let's check and see what is new, shall we?

*Ryan Thompson of Appendix N Entertainment is raising funds for Devilry, his follow-up (and the second in the projected series) to Demonology, which will be adding classic and new OSR devils to Old School Essentials.

*Back to BasiX is back with Issue 12 of their fanzine. This one features, amongst other things, an interview with OSE creator Gavin Norman.

*I'm sure most readers are aware that Ben Milton, of Questing Beast, is Kickstarting the second edition of his well-regarded Knave system.

*I can't believe I forgot to mention this, but Soul Muppet publishing is raising funds for Inevitable, their game of doomed Arthurian gunslingers fighting against the dying of the light.

*Eric Bloat is Kickstarting Forgotten Ballad, by Fellipe da Silva, a "sword and song" adventure game, a whimsical, rules-light game in zine format.

*Ardann Creative is raising funds for The Game Master's Pocket Pal: Crypts and Cultists, a collection of 10 system neutral maps with an emphasis on the occult.

*Monsters of Mythic Greece, by Ahimsa Kerp, is an old-school adventure that is raising funds for all new commissioned art.

*FIST: Ultra Edition, is a game of paranormal mercenaries in the second half of the 20th century taking on missions that no one else can.

*I can't remember if I mentioned this or not, but This Mortal Coil is currently itchfunding. It's a game of space necromancers, and the art I've seen so far is magnificent.

*Undertree Temple of the Elf Gods is a free adventure on itch written in a system-neutral, OSR format.

*Elven Tower has released Tomb of Huram, an adventure written for a 3rd level party using the Shadowdark ruleset.

*Speaking of Bloat Games, they've got a supers bundle on Drivethru that combines all of their Vigilante Cities titles.

*Forty Fiends is a bestiary for Mork Borg.

*I'm glad to see that The Golden Age of Khares is progressing. I saw it on Kickstarter awhile back, and it looked like a really neat Swords and Sorcery game. The Basic version is now available on Drivethru.

*Bayt al-Azif, a Call of Cthulhu fanzine, is out with its 5th issue; it looks like it has expanded to included the Borg family of games, which is a good fit thematically.

*Caves and Catacombs is a pretty cool-looking solo dungeon crawling game with a definite old-school influence.

*Hive is a PWYW adventure for Cepheus Engine(the Traveller clone) written by Joseph Mohr.

*What Lurks Beneath Tidewatch Tower is an adventure written for Shadowdark and set in a coastal tower.

*I've added Populated Hexes Monthly Issue 21 to Drivethru. It features a desert hex, containing an ancient manor house long buried by sand dunes and inhabited by leucrocottas, as well as rules for adding prestige classes to OSR games.

*I've added a bunch of new titles to the webstore, too many to list, including Pan, His Majesty in Yellow by Wayne Robert (in addition to restocking Dungeon Plumbers), the Dungeon Moon of Karth, and more.

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