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OSR News Roundup for November 13th, 2022

November's almost half over, and we're bearing down on the end of the year (and the one year anniversary of the Roundup). Last week the Meet the Publisher Interview was with Richard Ruane, the author of My Chivalric Bromance, Barrow Keep, and more. There was also a ZineQuest followup interview with Harry Menear, author of the Beast of Borgenwald. This week's interview will be with Wayne Robert, talking about their new Indiegogo campaign and previous works.

Let's see what was released last week!

*The Laidback DM is fundraising for the 13th volume of Shotglass Rounds. Statted for OSE and 5e, the Gates of Shun Zin can either be played as a one-shot adventure or as part 3 of a series.

*The City of Tears and Other Adventures is a desert-themed dungeon written for Neoclassical Geek Revival and is currently raising money on Kickstarter.

*Beyond Corny Gron Adventurers' Guide is crowdfunding on Kickstarter. It's a system-neutral toolkit and hexcrawl generator inspired by Polish mountain folktales.

*Traverse Fantasy has released Fantastic Medieval Campaigns on itch. It's a free, 224-page pdf re-writing the original fantasy system.

*Star Durf, a space adventure toolkit for Durf, has been released as a PWYW on itch.

*Marching Orders Quick and Dirty is a collection of three solo delves for the Marching Orders game and is almost through its indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

*Azukail Games has released another supplement in their line of 100 encounters, this one focused on fantasy plains.

*Atelier Clandestin is another publisher of random generation tables, and they've just released Of Men and Mushrooms, a generator of mushroom folk, edible mushrooms, and more.

*The Curse of the Dreadstone is now out on Drivethru, a second starting adventure by Hexplore Publishing.

*There's a pretty cool product out for the Death in Space game; a collection of radar screens for use in play.

*Kill Sample Process is a system-neutral miniature wargame that's written to be compatible with the Mork Borg hack CY-Borg. It's written for 28 mm scale and can be played solo or cooperatively.

*In the Hall of the Third Blue Wizard, Issue 1, is a massive 222-page zine with contributions from a variety of authors in the OSR sphere.

*Cthonstone Games has released EE2: The Outer Darkness (Essential Enemies 2), a collection of monsters for OSE.

*There's a new zine out for DCC: Cthonic Crawl Issue 1 covers magic items.

*SoulMuppet Publishing puts out some consistently good material, and they've just released A Doom to Speak: A Taste of the Goods.

*Terry Catton has released a bundle of Stars without Number that looks to be a good selection of products for a reduced price.

*Philip Reed's latest Kickstarter has ended, and he's already released the preliminary four pdfs that were a part of the effort. They're still in editing, but will be updated for all purchasers once he's done with the process. The link is for the Bizarre Blades book.

*Elden Dungeons is a dungeon-crawling game in the manner of old rogue-like games, with solo, competitive, and cooperative options.

*TLHP has released a Continent Generator on Drivethru that provides tables and methods for randomly generating continents.

*The Vault of the Mad Baron is an adventure written for Swords and Wizardry and other OSR-style games.

*I've added Nolan Locke's Exquisite Corpse. This is a system neutral setting and campaign generator.

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