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OSR News Roundup for November 13th, 2023

We're cruising towards the end of the year, and almost to the Thanksgiving holiday in the States. One event lurking on the horizon is February's ZineMonth. I will be conducting my regular interviews with ZiMo creators, so if you've got something you're working on that you'll be crowdfunding for let me know and I can get you questions. I know it is still early, but it never hurts to get stuff together in advance!

Also, I'm sure many of the readers are fans of the 3d6 Down the Line podcast/Youtube channel, currently playing an amazing campaign of the Arden Vul megadungeon. They've just started a Patreon to support their work, and could definitely benefit from listener support.

  • Jim Wampler of Mudpuppy Games is Kickstarting Issue 6 of Scientific Barbarian, his zine of gonzo mutant future goodness. Included in this issue are guidelines for playing a Thundarr the Barbarian style game.

  • Blog favorite Evlyn Moreau is raising funds for a project she's both written and illustrated. Goblin Mail is written for Troika! and is an adventure set in a chaotic, multi-dimensional post office run by goblins.

  • Chris McDowall is raising funds for Mythic Bastionland, billed as a prequel to Into the Odd. Their work has set a benchmark for NSR games, and MB already has a 70+ page quickstart ruleset available for free.

  • Bolt Neck Opposum is raising funds for Spectacle, another project for Troika!. Spectacle is a game of science-fantasy gladitorial mayhem.

  • Tony Vasinda and the +1 Exp team is raising funds for The Wassailing of Claus Manor, a holiday horror adventure using the Trophy Dark ruleset.

  • Relics of Woe is a treasure book written for OSE and Cairn that presents twenty magic weapons with distinct backgrounds and abilities to make them more than just the bog standard sword +1. Plus, one of the things I really like, is that it comes with printable stat block cards to hand out to players.

  • Penny Spent, by Ian McDougall, is an entry in the second minimalist TTRPG jam. This game plays around with shared world-building and focuses on long time periods and distances, which I think is a pretty neat and relatively unexplored part of gameplay.

  • Traverse Fantasy, author of the recently released OD&D retroclone Fantastic Medieval Campaigns, has just released a cool little project. Titled Bite Sized Dungeons, it's a workbook for writing and developing small, six-room dungeons, with one side of the page containing a sample nodal map and the other side blank space to record room contents, encounters, and other notes.

  • There's a DURF jam currently running on itch, and one of the releases is the delightfully titled The Fabulous Luxurious Totally Normal Hot Springs Resort on Reverie Island. It's a pamphlet adventure set in a totally not cursed resort.

  • Hairic Lilred has released a CC asset map pack of 23 colored characters that can be used for commercial or personal use. The assets are also available in greyscale.

  • The Pauper's Page, a short OSE zine, is out with Issue #6. This is a PWYW product on Drivethru, and this issue looks at owlbears, mysterious tracks, and more.

  • The Scorched Church is an adventure for Dark Places and Demogorgons OSE version by Bloat Games. This is the Stranger Things inspired kids on bikes game that just came out. I'm still in the process of working my way through the core book, but have been really impressed by what I've seen so far.

  • This is the first time Monolith has come across my radar. It's billed as a quarterly zine that focuses on a single system per issue; the current issue's focus is Mork Borg. It looks like an interesting concept, and seems well put-together and thoughtful.

  • Gary's Appendix Issue 3 is out on Drivethru, and this issue focuses on an undead theme.

  • Written for DCC, but broadly applicable to any OSR system, Outlying Farms is a trifold pamphlet to presents a dozen outlying farms around a town, those that inhabit the farms, as well as adventure hooks. This looks to be a really cool product when a Referee needs to either populate a community or pull a quick homestead out of their butt on the fly.

  • Atop the Wailing Dunes, by Atelier Hwei, is a sandbox adventure for PARIAH, and features a psychedelic, proto-neolithic world to explore.

  • I'm not familiar with Sorchi Games, but they just released The City Beyond the Portal, a science fiction OSR setting inspired by Franco-Belgian sci-fi comics. The rules are inspired by Mork Borg, Knave, Black Hack, and more, and the art is pretty dang cool.

  • Populated Hexes Monthly Issue #27 is out, and features a set of interconnected caves located on a sheer cliff face along a remote stretch of ocean. It's available on Drivethru as well as the Sabre Games webstore, and if you buy through us can be purchased as a pdf or saddle-stitched version.

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