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OSR News Roundup for November 20th, 2023

This is going to be somewhat of a shorter roundup; I got my Covid booster on Saturday and it has really knocked me for a loop. We're moving into Thanksgiving week in the States, and the resulting commercial frenzy that accompanies it. To do our part in furthering capitalism, Sabre Games is going to be having an online sale Saturday through Monday; 25% off all in-stock physical items. Starting Saturday morning you can use the code Cyber2023 at checkout to get the discount.

  • Zeth has two entries in the DURF jam on itch: Eel Folk Aristocrat, that includes dueling rules, and Dale and Pocket Sand. Both are archetype books for DURF (by Emiel Boven).

  • In a Bubble Brightly is another entry into the DURF jam, this one by A Swamp in Space. It's an adventure set in an interdimensional bubble piloted by wizards and their slug-monster creations.

  • Bolt-Neck Opposum and Christian Kessler are sponsoring a jam on itch for TROIKA! and Longshot City. Longshot City and Beyond is seeking campy, comic-book entries to the jam.

  • Month of Misery is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. Written by Greyson Yandt, it is a Mork Borg zine that compiles their 31 entries from this year's Morktober into a single zine.

  • Wuggy has released Praise be, God of Filth on itch. It's a pamphlet adventure written for Cairn and promises to delve into unseen levels of filth and slime (in a good way!).

  • Black March Issue #1 is a new OSR zine that is available on itch. The layout and art looks really interesting, and it is written to be system agnostic so it can be applied to any number of OSR-style games.

  • James Chip has released The Adventurer: Space Between the Stars, a solo journaling game using the Adventurer journaling system.

  • The Tabletop Engineer has a bundle up on Drivethru of the first six issues of their popular Delver zine. Filled with all sorts of random tables, this series is a boon to any Referee.

  • I mentioned Kavlov's Santuary awhile ago when it was crowdfunding, and it is now available on Drivethru in pdf and POD versions. Written for OSE, it's a dungeon and sandbox adventure module with a bunch of new stuff included.

  • The big title that I wanted to be sure to plug is the first publication by the folks behind 3d6 Down The Line. They've published Feats of Exploration, a guide to the house rule they've started using in their Arden Vul actual play.

  • Champions of the Goblin Market is written for DCC and is a 0-level funnel that challenges standard fantasy assumptions and is a good entry point for the author's level 1-4 adventure path, A Tale of Two Sisters.

Thanks for reading; I'll be back next week with a longer, less-fever induced Roundup.

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