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OSR News Roundup for November 27th, 2023

It's the last Monday in November, and the Thanksgiving holiday has ended for folks in the States and we're staring down the barrel of the gun that is Christmas in less than a month. A reader recently reminded me that I'm coming up of the two-year anniversary of this Roundup -- the first one was published on December 20th, 2021, and I'm pleased that I've managed to keep up a regular weekly schedule for the past two years. Some weeks are better than others, I think, but that is true of anything. I am nothing if not a creature of habit, and having these weekly releases has been good for me to stay active in the community as well as keep up with new releases and goings on. It's been a somewhat light week on the rpg release front, especially those on Drivethrurpg, but hopefully there are some worthwhile releases I've included.

  • Idle Cartulary has released Dungeons Regularly, Vol. 2. I plugged Vol. 1 a month or so ago; it's a map workbook with a blank map on one page, and room to populate it on the facing page. You can also pay more to have it filled out in advance, and statted for Cairn. The author has made it under the CC BY 4 license, so the empty maps can be used commercially as long as you attribute them.

  • Tlombev's Tokens are a collection of bare bones, black and white NPC tokens that were designed to be as role-agnostic as possible. There's a wide range of art in this pay-what you want bundle.

  • The Final Days of Schnarb is a solo mini-rpg where you play as a tree planter in the last days of planting season.

  • Castle Grief has released Kal-Arath, a fantasy rpg designed for play with 1+ players. What drew my attention was how it is written for a number of styles of play: solo, co-op, or standard party with a Referee, which means that it has plenty of tools to generate random results.

  • The Candy Emporium, by Ashvi Gupta, is a Halloween-themed adventure written for Mausritter. It looks to be a fun romp through a mouse wizarding school run in the candy counter of a human store.

  • I don't think I've plugged this before, but Jess, of Jumpgate Games (author of I Have the High Ground) is itchfunding Planet Fist, a satirical sci-fi skirmish game. I'm a big fan of their dueling-themed IHtHG, and Planet Fist looks to be intriguing.

  • Patrick Stuart consistently puts out some of the most interesting and creative products in the OSR/NSR sphere, and they're in the process of Kickstarting a new project: Gackling Moon. It's part art book, part gazetteer, and looks phenomenal.

  • Forgotten Ballads is the new Zelda-themed rpg published by Bloat Games, and they're currently in the process of raising funds for Cries of the Overlord, a bestiary and monster book for FB. It's got about a day left as of this posting, so if you're interested in backing time is limited.

  • The author of Gremlins, a new class for OSE that is a sneak preview for the upcoming Land of Mists release reached out to me about doing a Meet the Publisher interview, and I was reminded I need to put together some questions when I saw this PWYW character class pop up on Drivethru. Gremlins is done in the standard OSE two-page format. They've recently released a number of PWYW products from this upcoming release: I'm not going to link to all of them, for space reasons, but if you're interested in checking out some new OSE classes it might be worth a look.

  • Brian Colin has released Vast Grimm Space Cruisers and Vast Grimm Space Raiders, a pair of releases for the Vast Grimm (a Mork Borg-derived game) system that includes a hexcrawl adventures, spaceships, and more.

  • Sabre Games is having a 25% sale on all online purchases, ending today (Monday the 27th) at midnight. Use the code "Cyber2023" at checkout to get 25% off everything in your cart.

  • We're restocked a number of titles, including Monster Overhaul, Hole in the Oak, all versions of the Old School Essentials rules, and we've also added a bunch of new titles, including Kosmosaurs, Hexcrawl Toolkit, Herbalist's Primer, and more.

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