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OSR News Roundup for November 6th, 2023

It's the first week in November and the end of the year is rapidly approaching. Let's take a look and see what last week brought us.

  • Longtime readers of this feature may know that one of my favorite OSR rulesets to have come out in the past couple years is Errant, by Ava Islam (you can find my interview with her here as well as a followup interview here.). She's currently running the Kickstarter Sanctimonious Slimes vs Expired Epicures, the first official adventure for Errant. At the highest backer tier it includes a copy of the limited print run of an adventure by Gus L, never to be printed again.

  • Exalted Funeral is crowdfunding a collected volume of Max Moon's Abyss of Hallucinations. The original volumes are already some mighty nice looking zines, but this project looks to add some real pizzazz to the product.

  • Rob Conley, of Bat in the Attic fame, is crowdfunding How to Make a Fantasy Sandbox, a compilation and revision of his most popular series of blog posts.

  • Cezar Capacle has been releasing some of the most creative products in the indie sphere over on itch, and they're currently slowfunding Midnight Melodies, a solo rpg where you play a jazz pianist who cannot die, and who Death recruits into a secret organization devoted to tracking down and solving the mysteries of unauthorized deaths. The art is absolutely stunning and perfectly fits with the themes of the book.

  • Fear and Loathing and Second Guessing on the Campaign Trail is another solo adventure, this putting the player in the role of an aspirant seeking the role of student body president.

  • Bastardized Classics: Squash Hunt is a stand-alone adventures for the Bastards game, a reworking of the tournament module Bugbear Hunt that appeared in Issue 28 of Polyhedron way back in 1982.

  • Dithmer has just released Daemognosis. It's a free scenario for Heirs of the Leviathan, an interesting little game that puts the players in the roles of tragic inheritors of a fragmented realm.

  • Fire from the Heavens is a DCC scenario that is designed to be set in a wide range of time periods. When a mysterious object from the sky crashes to the ground the adventurers are faced with ethical choices to make about how to resolve the situation.

  • Vitoria Faria has released OSE Monster Girls, a PWYW pack of four playable monsters for OSE and old school games: succubus, medusa, minotaur, and dryad.

  • Games Omnivorous has released some pretty cool products, and their newest one is a multi-media extraveganza: Death Robot Jungle is a soundtrack and printable LP cover that doubles as adventure and DM's screen. Electric Mangrove is a follow-up.

  • Mark Hunt wrote the Gangbuster's BX rpg, and they've just released Peterson's Billiards and Social Club, a location that can be slotted into that game when the Referee is in need of an adventure seed.

  • Cocoxoca, by Marco Serrano, is a setting compatible with the Primal Quest game, and looks to explore the Mexican wetlands. Marco's been publishing some really cool stuff, and this is defintely worth a look.

  • Red Ruin Publishing has just released two more free adventures for the Dragon Warriors system: Tarnished Silver and The White Raven.

  • I'm thrilled to announce that Sabre has just stocked Reach of the Roach God. For those who have been following the along, the two creators behind this (and the super cool Thousand Thousand Islands series) have moved on from their partnership, and it is unlikely this book will ever see a reprint.

  • We've also stocked up on some indie titles, including Bridgetown, Bones Deep, a number of Best Left Buried, and Orbital Blues.

  • The latest session of Basilisk Hill Breakdown is now live. In this session, the adventurers learn that basilisks really aren't that much of a threat when you get the drop on them with a few squads of archers.

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