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OSR News Roundup for November 7th

Welcome to the News Roundup for the first Monday in November. I wasn't able to find much new on itch, but there's a ton of Kickstarter stuff (including my current KS that wraps up this week) and, as always, plenty of new releases on Drivethru. Last week's Meet the Publisher Interview was with two authors who write material for the Dragon Warriors rpg, including solo gamebooks, and this week's will be with Richard Ruane (see link to a new product, below). I've also begun posting short follow-up interviews with folks I had originally interviewed for ZineQuest, just to hear their thoughts on the project. I've posted interviews with Tanya Floaker and Levi Combs thus far.

*Sherwood, a Game of Outlaws and Arcana, is now live on Drivethru. It's by Richard Ruane, who just happens to be the subject of this week's Meet the Publisher Interview.

*Dawnfist Games has released the Crimson Monastery, a system neutral adventure with old-school playstyles in mind.

*Along those lines, the Tower of Cinder is another system neutral adventure that claims that, while written for higher level characters, a cleverly played party of lower-level characters can survive and thrive within.

*With winter approaching here in the northern hemisphere it is perhaps appropriate that the Black Fortress has released The Summoning Circle, a collection of printable stone and summoning circle-themed files with a winter theme.

*Crossplanes Studio has released Folk Lore, a collection of new classes for use with the Shadowdark rpg.

*I'm a sucker for anything featuring the art of Evlyn Moreau, and The Sun King's Palace, by John Battle, is one of those releases. It is statted for generic OSR games and has page numbers for those references needed to run it in 5e.

*The Goodman Games Yearbook 2021 is now out in pdf, and has a bunch of stuff released by Goodman Games in 2021 into a single pdf.

*Return to Wavestone Keep is a low-level OSE adventure.

*The Basic Expert has released Castle Ravir for OSR systems. It's a system neutral module for higher level characters.

*Eric Bloat of Bloat Games has just released a Dark Places and Demogorgons bundle that uses his Survive This system. You can read my interview with Eric here.

*Necrotic Gnome has released a free, beta-test version of a necromancer class.

*Fantasy Gits is a dungeoncrawl game in reverse, where the characters find themselves at the bottom of a dungeon and need to fight their way back to the surface.

*Camilla Mera has released the Pale Curse of Yakedo Castle on itch. It's a twelve page dungeon adventure written for Mork Borg and is PWYW.

*I've mentioned Sivad's Sanctum before, and they've just released The Manor, a 124-room dungeoncrawl inspired by Tegel Manor. It's currently just in plaintext form, but the author is planning on polishing it up soon.

*My own Populated Hexes Monthly Kickstarter is ending this week. Back it to get the first twelve issues compiled into a single volume. A high quality sewn binding version is also available.

*Wildendrem Volume One: The Valley of Flowers is currently funding on Kickstarter. It presents an "Arthurian fever dream realm of perilous beauty" and is written for both Cairn and OSE.

*Terrors from the Cosmos is a box set of five adventures for the Mothership game that is currently running on Kickstarter.

*This must be the month of Mothership, because The Great Crossing Heresies is another collection of adventures, three this time, for that system.

*Castaway, for Mork Borg, is doing quite well on Kickstarter. It's an adventure of shipwreck survival horror.

*There's another grim medieval game on Kickstarter: Outcast Silver Raiders is inspired by what the pursuers of the Satanic Panic imagined what was really happening in your parent's basement.

*This isn't specifically OSR, but I saw this project on Kickstarter and thought it look interesting. Eye to the Void is a guide to using divination in rpgs.

*Soul Muppet Publishing, who does some great stuff, is crowdfunding for a Best Left Buried supplement. Throne of Avarice is an adventure and setting that focuses on the horrors of colonialism.

*The notable blogger and rpg author Patrick Stuart has just launched a Kickstarter for Speak, False Machine, a collection of their blog essays and posts from the past ten years.

*Christian Eichhorn (author of CVLT of the Hadron Lamb) has just launched a Kickstarter for gutter|PVNKS, a cyberpunk supplement for CY_Borg.

*Warrens of the Great Goblin Chief, by Johnny Rook Games, has launched on Kickstarter.

*I'd mentioned The Fettered Factory, by DroidAvoid, is funding on Kickstarter. The project is in the last week, and can use some more support to get it over the funding line.

*I've added more titles to the webstore.

  1. My own Populated Hexes Monthly Issue 15 is now available, featuring a smuggler's settlement and two race as class turtle-folk options. You can get the pdf or the saddlestitched print/pdf bundle. A POD version is also available via Drivethru.

  2. The Dark, the new solo journaling game by Disaster Tourism, is now available.

  3. Fantastic Geographic #2 is also now in print and available through the store.

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