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OSR News Roundup for October 30th, 2023

Welcome to the News Roundup for the last Monday in October. It's the day before Halloween, and we've seen no shortage of horror-themed releases this month. Let's jump straight in, shall we?

  • Woeful Barrows and Other Places is a collection of short adventures written for Shadowdark that is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. It's written for parties of levels 1-5, so looks like it should be a good collection to pull starter adventures or sidequests from.

  • I'm seeing an increase in GM-less cooperative games, and one of these that is currently raising funds is Negocios Infernales. It's set in an alternate universe 15th century "Spain", during the inquisition, but with aliens. The art that's previewed on the Kickstarter is absolutely fantastic.

  • The publishing collective Soul Muppet puts out some consistently awesome products, and they're raising funds for Orbital Blues: Afterburn, an expansion to Orbital Blues, their game of sad space cowboys.

  • I came across The Molt on Kickstarter the other day and thought it looked really cool. It's a setting/system based on and compatible with Mork Borg, written by the author of the acclaimed Vast Grimm. In this setting, rifts in the earth's surface are beginning to appear, releasing the beings that have been trapped in the underworld.

  • I don't usually plug blogs or personal posts, but I stumbled across this and wanted to share it. I plugged the indie game FEUD awhile back, and the artist made a blog post explaining how they produced the distinctive lino-type art for it. Anyone interested in doing their own art for projects would benefit from reading it.

  • Eva K has released Hundreds, a simple, semi-agnostic D100 game with rules for combat lightly based on Luke Gearing's Violence. It's short and elegant, but also quite bleak, which isn't necessarily a bad thing!

  • Electric Bastionland is a neat, quirky system, and Wuggy has just released The Undermall, an EB adventure set in an abandoned shopping mall.

  • Goblins are pretty popular -- we can't keep Goblin Errands on the shelf -- and The Lawful Neutral is itchfuning Gobs Galore: a d100 Goblin Generator. This looks to be a neat addition to a Referee's toolkit for adding depth to NPCs/monsters.

  • Rugose Kohn has released Thirty Days of Mork Borg, Adventure Chapbook Vol 5, a collection of three adventures for Mork Borg. Like most MB supplements, this comes with a generous number of trigger warnings, but also promises to be an interesting addition to the adventures for the system.

  • The Valley of Flowers is written for OSE and Cairn, and is 150 pages of sandbox setting in the eponymous Valley of Flowers. There's all kinds of goodies here: 15 dungeons, new monsters, spells, and more, and VTT-ready maps, as well.

  • I'm not familiar the publisher Wizards with Laser Rifles, but they've just released Silam #1: The Spike of Doscu, a unique setting for DCC that introduces some new classes, and adventure, and more.

  • Red Ruin Publishing puts out a steady stream of adventures and supplements for the Dragon Warriors game, and it's all free. Their newest release, just in time for Halloween, is written by Paul Partington. Called Lair of the Vampire, it's a solo adventure for Rank 7 characters.

  • Downsized Press has released Issue 5 of Pauper's Pages, their short zine for OSE. It's designed to be printed and folded, newspaper-style, and the author's goal is to put out one themed issue every two weeks.

  • The Reptile House is a 72-page adventure for the Shadowdark RPG. It's priced at under four dollars, is written for 3rd level adventurers, and is billed as the first in a series of adventures in this setting.

  • The RPG World Creation Map Kit is available on Drivethru, and includes a commercial license. It's a collection of nearly three hundred tokens and icons that can be used to create fantasy overland maps.

  • In the category of products I've been waiting eagerly for, Issue Three of the Planar Compass zine is live on Drivethru. Sabre should be getting print copies in this week (fingers crossed), as well as restocks of issues 1 and 2. You can catch an interview I did with the authors awhile back here.

  • Sabre's Spooky October sale only has two more days left, so if you want to pick up some horror-themed products at 20% off retail there's only a limited time left to do so.

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