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OSR News Roundup for October 31st, 2022

It's the last day of October, and Halloween. I've been plugging spooky products all month, and last week's Meet the Publisher interview was with the king of witches and all things Halloween, Tim Brannan. We also had a special follow-up interview with Ava Islam to discuss her release of Errant. This week's interview will be with Paul Partington and David M Donachie, discussing Dragon Warriors and solo gaming. Speaking of which . . .

*Red Ruin Publishing, who put out an amazing amount of free products for the Dragon Warriors RPG, have released Casket of Fays #7 on itch.

*The Weft and Weave is live on itch. It was started during the Cairn Forests by Another Name jam.

*DURF is a cute little game, and The Wizard's Dumpster is a new adventure on itch using that system.

*Triskelion was a submission to the itch Bookmark game jam, which I hadn't heard of before, and is two microgames on one bookmark.

*The folks behind the Marching Order solo rpg have a new campaign on indiegogo to fund three new delves for that game.

*It's not strictly OSR, but Here We Used to Fly is a cool-looking ttrpg Kickstarter about a group of friends exploring an abandoned theme park. The art is spectacular.

*There are a number of projects up on Indiegogo this week. Wayne Roberts has launched a crowdfunding effort for Pan, His Majesty in Yellow, a mash-up of Peter Pan and the King in Yellow. This is for a sewn-binding version of the book; it's already written and ready to go, so backers should be able to get their reward pretty quickly.

*Gaming Ballistic, who just fulfilled their Old School Solos Kickstarter, has started a Backerkit campaign for Nightmare Fuel: three bestiaries for use with the Dungeon Fantasy rpg.

*James Floyd Kelly is Kickstarting Delver #6, a resource for random-rolling referees.

*Philip Reed *just* launched a new Kickstarter. Bizarre Blades and Torches is another collection of mini-books chock full of random roll tables.

*I've launched a new Kickstarter for a compiled edition of the first year of the Populated Hexes Monthly. It's available as a pdf, pod, as well as a limited run offset version.

*Muster is an interesting looking product on Drivethru. It's a look at D&D if it hewed closer to its wargaming roots. It's a massive 264 page pdf that is PWYW.

*Azukail Games has released 100 Signs of Prior Dungeon Explorers. It's written for Castles and Crusades, but there's also a Pathfinder and system-neutral version.

*Bergen Crypt is a new adventure for the ever popular Mork Borg system.

*Swords and Six-Siders seems like a neat little OSR system, and Smuggler's Bane is a new adventure written for it.

*Unconquered is a new OSR rpg that looks to have some interesting mechanics. Published by Monkey's Paw Games, it has some solid writing talent behind it.

*Dapper Rabbit Games (you can catch my zinequest interview with them here) has released a bundle of their Dungeons Deep products.

*Companion is a new supplement for the Sacrifice RPG. I'm not familiar with it, or the author, but it's got artwork by Glynn Seal and Simone Tammetta.

*Pen Paper Dice has released two new supplements: Oak Pasture #1 for Mausritter and the Perpetual Forest for Cairn.

*Fantastic Geographic #2 is out in pdf (hmm, I should be getting the print version in the store pretty soon, I hope).

*Vaults of Vaarn is a game I've mentioned before here, and there's a new adventure bundle just out for it. Titled simply Vaults of Vaarn: the Adventures, it contains four adventures for the system.

*I've added four new titles by Ballistic Gaming for OSE designed for solo play:

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