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OSR News Roundup for October 3rd, 2022

Welcome to the first Roundup for October. We're 3/4 of the way through the year. The big news for this week is that Daniel Proctor of Labyrinth Lord fame has announced a second edition of LL is in the works, with a tentative launch date of the beginning of 2023. I'm curious to see how the 2nd edition will stack up against the juggernaut on the field, Old School Essentials. Labyrinth Lord was never a 100% faithful BX clone (the levels go up to 20, for example), so I'm curious to see how the 2nd edition handles things. One thing that did catch my eye was Proctor's statement that the 2e release will coincide with a solo adventure. Solo gaming is something I'm planning on looking at pretty closely in the next few months, and if he can design LL 2e so that it integrates easily into solo play I think he'll really re-establish a niche for the system.

I'm going to start linking to the previous week's Meet the Publisher interview here, as well. To start off, last week's interview was with Gavin Norman of Necrotic Gnome. This week's interview (I don't have the link yet) will be with Tony Vasinda of PlusOneExp. It will go live at 1:00 am eastern time Thursday morning.

*I've been waiting with bated breath for the OSE version of Dark Places and Demogorgons to go live on Kickstarter, and it did so this weekend. Written by Eric Bloat of Bloat games, this is an adaption of his excellent Stranger Things-esque game to the popular Old School Essentials system.

*Beyond the Wall by Flatland Games is one of the most critically acclaimed OSR games out there, and in the spring Flatland came out with Grizzled Adventurers, a sort of Beyond the Wall but focused on older adventurers. I saw a few days ago that the first magic supplement for Grizzled Adventurers is out. The Advanced Mage's Guide is a magical expansion for Grizzled Adventurers, and is priced as a PWYW product.

*There's only a day left in the BX Advanced Bestiary Kickstarter, and I'm hoping to hit the 10k stretch goal of illustrating each monster in the book. Check it out if you're looking for a bestiary of OSR-compatible monsters.

*The Golden Age of Khares is a bronze-age fantasy setting designed for use with the Low Fantasy Gaming system. It is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

*Another Kickstarter for OSE -- the Gateway to Adventure bundle -- is just dollars away from funding (as of Sunday when I'm writing this) and can use your support to reach its goal.

*Stellagama Publishing has just added an OSE version of their adventure It Came From the Scriptorium to Drivethru.

*Some folks have put together a Hurricane Ian relief bundle with what look to be some interesting titles included.

*The Fall of Fate Keep is a new introductory adventure by Starry Knight Press that is written for OSRIC but easily adapted to other OSR systems.

*Dick Dastardly's Dank Dungeons has added a BX/OSE character sheet to Drivethru as a PWYW item.

*Scientia Arcana is written for DCC and provides expanded magical options: new classes, spells, and patrons to add to your game.

*There's a new adventure out for Mutant Crawl Classics. Get me the Juice is a 1st level adventure that can be used with MCC or other post-apocalyptic OSR-games.

*I see more and more products for Mork Borg every week: They Came from the Necropolis is another adventure written for the Forbidden Psalm miniature skirmish game produced under the Mork Borg license.

*Speaking of Mork Borg, the Clockbroken Conjurer is a class for Mork Borg that sounds pretty cool.

*The Fettered Factory is an adventure for characters of levels 4-6 and written for Worlds Without Number. It's also free!

*It's always good to have random locations to add to a game, and Wondrous Stores is just that, providing 50 printable, tarot-sized cards that each contain a single store for your campaign.

*I haven't heard of D2053 Publishing, but they've just released an adventure called Temple of the Frog King that looks interesting. For some reason I've got a soft spot for frog-themed adventures.

*I've added some new titles to the website:

  • Populated Hexes Monthly Issue #14 is available in pdf and staplebound print format. Just in time for Halloween, it features a skull-shaped dungeon inhabited by a necromancer and his skeletal servants as well as a playable necromancer class for Old School Essentials and similar games.

  • I just got in GOZR by James West, a game of post-apoc weirdness as only he can do. It's available in both hard and softcover.

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