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OSR News Roundup for September 12th, 2022

The big news that I wanted to mention is that last week Drivethrurpg released (and then released a revision) a set of guidelines for including AI generated art in releases. I'm of two minds about AI generated art. On the one hand it provides a source of pretty cool art at a relatively low price for creators who don't have the budget to commission work, but on the other hand it is perhaps part of the relentless march of technology making people obsolete (plus, from what I understand, some of the AI programs mash together existing works without crediting the original artists). I honestly haven't figured out exactly where I fall on this new trend. At this point I've made a conscious decision to not plug the AI generated stock art that has been appearing on Drivethru already. I'd welcome input from readers on the subject.

*Red Oaks Creative (you can catch my interview with them here) have had one of the fastest Kickstarter turnarounds I've seen, with physcial copies of their GunPlaya zine getting mailed out last week. They've announced a new KS project, launching in October. The thematically appropriate Creepy Creature Double Feature is two adventures with a guaranteed delivery before Halloween.

*I've just launched a new Kickstarter. The BX Advanced Bestiary will offer up around 140 pages of new and variant monsters, based off of the standard monsters from the OSE core book. I take each one and add variants, surprise special abilities, use for specific monster parts in the creation of magical items, and even a few new classes, such as the awakened cave locust, a Jiminy Cricket-inspired class. The pledge level for a pdf is 10.00, and I also offer POD and offset print tiers.

*This Kickstarter project caught my eye. Written for Mork Borg by the prolific Sasha "TK" De'ath, Realms of Nechrubel: Soldiers of the Black Disc is currently crowdfunding.

*Wyvern Songs, by the talented Brad Kerr, is now available on Drivethru. It features four adventures written of OSE and some really great art.

*Axian Spice has released Falkrest Abbey, an adventure for OSE for levels 1-3. It's only a buck over on Drivethru, for 42-pages of content, so there's virtually no reason to not pick it up!

*Atelier Clandestin has released an interesting product. Billed as the first in a series of gazetteers, Tales of Belgisca Vol 1 takes a look at a region of the world in their setting.

*Expanded Backgrounds for Death in Space is pretty much as it sounds; extra backgrounds for Death in Space.

*I think it's a solo adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics -- the details are kinda sparse -- but An Unkindness of Ravens does have a pretty cool cover.

*Everyone can use random tables, and the pdf Dungeon Flavors contains 43 random tables that can be used to spice up your dungeon.

*I haven't heard of this game, but Deathtrap Lite Playtest Edition is a new OSR-style game available through Drivethru.

*The Blood Moon Vernissage is an adventure for Frontier Scum.

*Rackham Vale is an amazing book, and the Rackham Vale: Paintbox Edition is now live on Drivethru.

*Populated Hexes Monthly Issue #13 is now available on the Drivethru store, and features the lair of a catoblepas, hazards in a swamp, and some new swamp monsters.

*Steven Chabotte has released the free supplement 100 Magic Item Quirks, a way to enliven the magic items your players encounter.

*The Vaarn Summer Jam on itch ended last week, and came in strong with thirty-three submissions. Vaults of Vaarn is a science-fantasy RPG that draws influence from books such as Dune, Hyperion, The Book of the New Sun, and the graphic novels of Moebius.

*This caught my eye on itch: Steal the Relic is on itch and designed as a system-neutral OSR-style caper adventure.

*I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but I absolutely love the cover art for Those Who Came Before, a science fantasy supplement for Into the Odd.

*If you like by Mausritter and Mad Max you're in luck, because the playtest version of Wasted is now available on itch for free.

*If you're looking for some inexpensive terrain you can print out and use at the table, Trees Come Down, by Verdant Core, is available on itch. It contains files to print out trees at 25 mm scale.

*Tales from the Void, a Liminal Horror game jam, is now live on itch, just in time for Halloween.

*I'd mentioned David II's "An Offworlder's Guide" series, and they've just released a new supplement for it: A Guide to Corporate Citizenship.

*I've added some new titles to the webstore:

**Haunted West, the amazing and beautiful book by Chris Spivey and Darker Hue Publishing, has been restocked.

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