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OSR News Roundup for September 5th, 2022

We're well on our way into the home stretch of the year, ZineQuest is almost over, and there's plenty of new releases to cover. One thing I'm interested in doing is revisiting folks who I interviewed for ZQ4 to see how it went for them. So, if you're a creator I interviewed, and are in a place where you can provide some feedback on your project, I'd love to hear from you.

*I don't know how they keep doing it, but Red Ruin publishing has released yet another free adventure for the Dragon Warriors game. Ancient Silence is another solo adventure for that system.

*As many readers probably know, I'm a huge fan of John Stater's work, so I was pretty excited to see a release for his Blood and Treasure system. The Alchemist, by B.J.C. White, is a new class for B&T and is available as PWYW.

*Bloat Games has been releasing products for their Overworld game, inspired by the Legend of Zelda. They've just released a bundled version of the Monster Manual for this setting, with versions statted for 5e, their own house system, and a system neutral version.

*I haven't seen anything by Periapt Games, but they've just released a pdf called Spells: Made More Magical, a providing rules for making magic, well, more magical.

*Camp Bloodbath is a MicroRPG influenced by summer camp horror flicks.

*DCC is a great system, and the Umerican setting that was established in the Crawling Under a Broken Moon continues to be explored in Moon Mutants Issue #6.

*Dapper Rabbit Games has released the basic rules for Tales From Dungeons Deep, a product that just funded as a part of ZineQuest. You can catch my interview with the author here.

*The Tabletop Engineer has been producing a bunch of high quality OSR zines, and they've just released Delver Issue #5 in pdf (with print to follow shortly). I've got a number of their products in stock in the 'zines category.

*Another product I'm really excited about is We Deal in Lead, Colin Le Seur's homage to the Dark Tower series.

*I'm not familiar with the work of Wayne Peacock, but they've just released the Old Scroll #2: The Green Golden Rade. It features art by Perplexing Ruins, who produces some fabulous stuff.

*Wet Ink Games, the same folks that gave us the fabulous Into the Wyrd and Wild, have released Into the Cess and Citadel in pdf. This does for urban environments what ItWaW did for the outdoors.

*I think a release that a lot of folks have been looking forwards to is Emiel Boven's The Electrum Archive, now available on itch. It's a science fantasy 'zine inspired by, among other books, The Ultraviolet Grasslands.

*The Den of Nightmares and Sweets for OSE is wrapping up its Kickstarter campaign. Statted for OSE and DCC, is described as a spooky and funny adventure.

*Another Kickstarter that's moving along quite well is Black God's Kiss. Written for OSE and 5e, it's based on the swords and sorcery work of C.L. Moore.

*Philip Reed, who I interviewed a few weeks ago, has launched a new Kickstarter. A Selection of Slimes is a collection of, well, slimes and oozes written for osr-style games.

*Pacesetter Games has launched Tome of Quests on Kickstarter. Written for both 5e and BX, it's an "adventure path", a linked series of five adventures that can be run as solos or as a longer campaign.

*The Sword is an interesting looking minimalist ruleset now available on itch. It's a 16 page Free Kriegsspiel Revolution style game.

*Jimmy Shelter is itchfunding for Pine Shallows, a "meddlesome kids" game that looks like a lot of fun.

*I'm running a Labor Day/New Puppy sale on the website. Until the end of the day Monday (today) all print books have been marked down 25%.

*Populated Hexes Monthly Issue #13 is now out, available in both pdf and staplebound print. If you're in the US you can also sign up for a print subscription, and get twelve copies delivered to your door, one a month.

*The standard hardcover printing of the Ultimate Basilisk Hills Hexcrawl is now back in stock.

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