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OSR News Roundup September 26th

There's some news for the UK customers of Drivethrurpg. On (or after, the email wasn't clear) October 6th, print prices are going to be increasing by 5% for all POD products. They've specifically stated that US prices aren't changing (yay, I guess). So, if you're in the UK (and possible the EU, I think POD orders to the EU are printed in the UK) you may want to place any immediate orders in the next two weeks.

*I always try and promote someone who has released their first product, and I saw earlier in the week that mootoast has done just that. d66 Ancient Greek Backgrounds for Cairn is available for free on itch.

*Tales of Twig and Twine sounds really interesting. It's a story-driven, GM-optional game about normal people who encounter old magic.

*There's a new OSR system up on itch in playtest mode. Iron Halberd is available as a PWYW system, and looks to have some interesting options.

*Conthulhu is a one-page horror-comedy game where the players take on the roles of volunteers at a convention of Cthulhu cultists.

*June Owatari has begun to sell physical products through itch. One thing that caught me eye (because I like hex maps and cannot lie) is a printable hex grid and isometric notebook designed to be left in Free Libraries.

*Skirmisher Publishing has released a bundle on Drivethru of their Sci-Fi Settings for more than 50% off.

*Sean Richer has released Pride of Ternwillow, a TROIKA compatible (I still have a used copy of Troika that I'm surprised hasn't sold!). You're into weird OSR-mech games, right?

*Artikid Arts has released Unauthorized Biotechnician, a class for CY_BORG.

*Darkest Rock, by Severed Books, is an adventure for Mork Borg that introduces some new Mork Borg classes.

*Terminal Goblin Games has released Corpse of the Sky God, a PWYW adventure for OSE and similar rpgs.

*Lots of Mork Borg stuff today! Loot the Room has just released The Vermilion Throne, an adventure for the aforementioned system.

*It's good to see Goodman Games publishing stuff for Lankhmar; adventure #13 for that setting is now out. Treachery in Beggar City is written for 3rd level characters.

*I've got a bunch of stuff I'm working on to promote and discuss solo role-playing, and in addition to the new Red Ruin release, Playing Pre-made Adventures Solo as written is a guide to, well, doing exactly that.

*I've mentioned being impressed with the fast turnaround on a lot of the recent ZineQuest products; The Beast of Borgenwald is now out in pdf, hopefully to be followed shortly by the print version.

*Someone pointed the Bookmark Character Sheet out to me recently. I wasn't aware of this Kickstarter, but think it is super cool. The character sheets are for OSE, but can certainly be used for other similar OSR games, and they're set up in bookmark form. As of this posting there will only be a few days left in the campaign.

*I haven't seen anything by the Knotty Works before, but they've just released BX Games Options, which looks to have some interesting stuff in it.

*The author of the critically acclaimed Neverland hexcrawl has just released OZ, a point-crawl set in the Emerald City. While nominally written for 5e, Neverland is so great I wanted to include this as well.

*The impressively busy Red Ruin Publishing has released another solo adventures for Dragon Warriors, titled Catacombs of Dust. It's written for 7th rank characters, and if you're interested in solo play you might want to check out last week's interview I conducted with Geek Gamers, of the popular solo gaming Youtube channel.

*The BX Advanced Kickstarter has a little more than a week left and we're closing in on the third stretch goal. I'd love to meet all four stretch goals so we can have an illustration for each monster in the book.

*I've added DNGN to the webstore. The first volume of this megadungeon by Singing Flame was Kickstarted as a part of ZiMo22 and is a gorgeous, risograph-printed zine.

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