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OSR Roundup for January 17th, 2022

Before we get into the meat of the Roundup I wanted to post a reminder that with Zinequest being moved to August an alternative has been set up for folks that still want to go ahead with their releases this month. You can find the Zinemonth website here, and it's already filling up with plenty of cool looking offerings.

I had meant to post this last week but it got lost in the shuffle. The talented Paolo Greco is getting ready to launch Wulfwald, the King's Wolfpack, on Kickstarter, a mythic Anglo-Saxon game of politics, intrigue, and violence.

Demonsbane is a 32 page hexcrawl adventure written for Cairn, available on itch. Set in a strange, fantastical realm where Fungal Folk and Mineral Shambler giants and Rat Folk move about, it is published by Perplexing Ruins, who will be the focus of the second Publisher Q and A this Thursday.

Tony Vasinda is itchfunding Through the Void, a minimalist sci-fi game with OSR leanings. I'm curious to see how itchfunding works as an alternate to Kickstarting.

Nate Treme, of Highland Paranormal Society, has just released their first in a series of "Pocket Adventures" on itch. Featuring a hexmap, six dungeons, and some fantastic art, Dogtooth Valley looks to be a great start to an interesting concept.

A pending project on Kickstarter is Master of the Onyx Tower, a delve for Marching Order. This isn't a system I'm familiar with, but it is billed as a gritty sword and sorcery-inspired dark dungeon delve.

Another Kickstarter campaign, this one under way, that caught my eye is Horizon Rising, by L.F. OSR. They're already funded, with about a week left to go as of this post, but it looks super cool. I've seen some of their art on Twitter and have been really impressed. To quote the description: "HORIZON RISING is an art heavy, system-neutral setting source book featuring a battle ravaged playground of so-called deities, crushed under its own opulence, destined to drown under the relentless sea"

Aeon, for DCC, is also in their final week, is the second in a series of Greek-themes 'zines. This one is a 1st level adventure called "Into the Labyrinth".

It's for 5e, but there's a really cool old-school style character sheet up at Drivethrurpg. Drawn by Colin Richards Art, it is PWYW.

Mausritter, the acclaimed game where you play the part of mice, is now available on Drivethru, along with several supplements.

The Ancient Elements RPG caught my eye. It's a new system, using elements of Microlite d20, D&D 3.5, and the OSR to create a careful blend geared towards OSR play that can be used with existing 3.5 settings or adventures. I'm sure this won't be everyone's cup of tea, but it is currently on sale for .99 cents, so it may be worth a look.

Raging Swan Press has a sample Bundle of their "Dressing" series, designed to give Referees some easy random tools to add depth to their world, available of Drivethru.

Issue #6 of Populated Hexes Monthly is now available. You can purchase it here or on Drivethru. It features a sub-arctic community built around a College of Researchers dedicated to exploring giant ruins.

As alluded to above, I've added a "Meet the Publisher" Q and A feature to this blog. It will be released every Thursday and feature a brief interview with one of the publishers mentioned in Monday's News Roundup. You can find the first one here.

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