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OSR Roundup for November 28th, 2022

Here we are at the end of November, coinciding with "Cyber Monday" in the US. I'm not going to throw a bunch of sales at you, instead I'll be focusing on new releases and crowdfunding projects from the past week, even though there aren't as many new releases as there normally are. That being said, if you've been enjoying the Roundup for the past almost a year your financial support is helpful for me, and until the end of today I've got sales going on for everything in stock, including a 15% discount to the print subscription of Populated Hexes Monthly by using the code "Subscription22" when checking out. I'll be mailing out Issue 16 -- which looks at an island and begins a multi-issue look at customizing waterborne vessels and expanding rules for watercraft and waterborne combat -- out this week to subscriber.

*The prolific Philip Reed has launched another Kickstarter, this one another in the "Bizarre" series of microbooks. Bizarre Citizens and Foes has got about a week left to go at the time of this posting.

*I'm not nearly as prolific as Mr. Reed, but I'm getting ready to launch my final Kickstarter of the year. I'm raising funds for a revised edition of The Pallid Fields, a mini-hexcrawl in Faery. It's a short, four hex setting in the Winter Court of Faery, and includes rules on exploring in Faery, generating Faery courts, pathways, and lords and ladies as well as the adventure.

*One can never have too many space opera games, is what I have always said, and now there's a new one up on itch. Plerion, by Zotiquest Games, is based on the popular and ever-hackable Cairn system.

*Dodocahedron Games has released two new mini-games using Mausritter: MiceBeth and The Winter's Tail.

*Atelier Clandestin continues to put out an amazing number of products, and this week they've released Tales of Belisgca, Vol. 2, a 20-page guide to the Fen Region of their personal world.

*There's an interesting new system in playtest phase up on Drivethru as a PWYW product. VERSE bills itself as a player drive, rules moderate OSR/NSR game about dimensional travelers exploring why the various worlds within the multiverse are blending together.

*I plug these every so often -- probably not as much as I should -- but Paratime Design has released another in their series of Friday maps. It's good deal if you're looking for a dungeon map to use and fill in for personal use.

*Eric Bloat of Bloat Games has released another minimalist game. Vengeance is a game of modern vigilantes set in a noir cityscape.

*I'm not familiar with the publisher, but there's a bundle of four adventures at a discounted price. GP1-4: All Four Genie Palace Heists, caught my eye because a) they're heist adventures and b) they're for high level characters, a niche that needs to be filled.

*Roter Zwerg is a space adventure for Ork Borg, yet another hack of Mork Borg, with a delightfuly wacky premise.

*Basic Action Games has just released Intriguing Options Volume 4: Spells and Spellcasters.

*Weird Festivities and Celebrations Generator for OSR games is one half festivaly generator, one half Midsommar.

*OSR Hobbies has released Sword and Spell: Monsters and Treasures. There's not much (any) information on it, and the price is kinda steep. I'm including it just because it caught my eye. If anyone knows anything about this I'd be interested to find out more.

*Luke Earl has written DD6, an OSRish minimalist game that uses just 2d6 to play.

*Soulblight, the Sovereign Bundle, is also available on Drivethru as a reduced price.

*James Mishler has released Expanded Races: Thanians -- A Shadowdark Supplement. I'm not familiar with Shadowdark, but Mishler typically releases quality products.

*I've added the following titles to the store:

  1. Gary's Appendix. A zine of OSR and OSE material.

  2. Downtime in Zyan, the new zine by Through Ultan's Door with art by Evlyn Moreau.

  3. Justicar, a game of the judiciary.

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