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PHM #9 released to Patrons

I've recently released the rough draft of Populated Hexes #9 to backers on Patreon. Patrons get early access to the rough draft and the finalized issue at a discount, as well as other perks (such as 25% off all TK games items from my webstore).

This issue of Populated Hexes Monthly stays in the southern portion of the Plateau of Leng region and features the Fool's Ascent, one of the only know ways to reach the nigh inaccessible plateau. The bulk of the issue is concerned with the Dreamlands and Dreaming -- detailing the various ways to access the Dreamlands, what to do within the Dreamlands, and more.

The finalized version will be released next week to Patrons and on this website, and then will be live on Drivethru the following week.

It includes an overview map of the known continent of the Dreamlands (at 1 hex = 24 miles scale).

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