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Product Spotlight: D&D - Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse

"Planar pandemonium is just a roll of the dice away in this weird and wonderful adventure."

Open up the wonders of the Multiverse in this fantastic DND 5e boxed set which contains everything you need to traverse the planes! It not only comes with Sigil and the Outlands which is a hardcover book that includes all the planar character options needed for this setting, but also lore on the "City of Doors" as well as Turn of Fortune's Wheel; an adventure based within Sigil and the Outlands designed with characters at level 3-10 with a massive jump to level 17! Adventures in the Multiverse also comes with a hardcover copy of Morte's Planar Parade which contains the stat blocks as well descriptions for creatures of the Outer Planes! Comes with a double sided poster map and a New Dungeon Master's Screen to help run the setting! Here at Sabre we have the Regular and Alternate covers for this set! So come down and get yourself an epic multi-planar adventure today!

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