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Product Spotlight: D&D - The Deck of Many Things

"The Deck of Many Things is an infamous Dungeons & Dragons magic item whose effects are as spectacular as they are unpredictable..."

This brand new box set from Wizards of the Coast includes everything you'd ever need when it comes to The Deck of Many Things. Not only is there a hardcover Book of Many Things that's packed full of monsters, locations, and advice on running this item; but this box set comes with your very own physical version of a Deck of Many Things! 66 Beautifully illustrated cards that you can actually draw from while using this fantastical item in your campaigns. A reference guide also comes included that showcases each card and how to use them in game. We carry both the Regular and Alternate covers for this set so don't wait, come on down to your favorite shopkeepers and get your own Deck of Many Things today!

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