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Product Spotlight: Doctors and Daleks Collector's Edition (5E)

Allonsy! Bring the wonders of the universe and of Doctor Who to your DND 5E game with the Doctors and Daleks Collector's Edition! Do you want to to meet some of history's greatest figures or find adventure on an entirely new planet? Of course you do! The Doctors and Daleks Collector's Edition contains everything you need to take your party into the TARDIS with The Doctor and Daleks Player's Guide which contains all you need to create a companion for the Doctor or even a new Time Lord! Also included in set is the Doctors and Daleks Alien Archive which contains a collection of creature stats of a wide range of the Doctor's foes as well as the pre-written adventure Keys of Scaravore and an exclusive Gamemaster's Screen! If you're looking for a fast-paced and combat light adventures in that odd blue box then come grab it before it's gone!

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