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Product Spotlight: Kosmosaurs

"You are a dinosaur. You are a Kosmo Ranger. You are a Kosmosaur—a protector of the galaxy."

If you're a big fan of 80's action cartoons, fast-paced RPG gameplay, and being a Space Dinosaur, then this is the book you never knew you needed! Kosmosaurs uses a streamlined combat system insipired by two John Harper's games: Lasers & Feelings and Blades in the Dark. It runs on a very easy to pick up d6 dice pool system as well as 2 characteristics: Kosmo (your technical, military and academic skills) and Saurs (your physical, combat, and a bestial skills). If you prefer action set pieces and getting into a sci-fi battle, this book handles that type of experience with flying colors. It's also packed with an assortment of tools and tables to create characters, NPCs, adventures! The galaxy needs you solider, sign up to be a Kosmosaur and start saving the galaxy today.

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