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Product Spotlight: Onitama

"Carved into the crags of the mist-shrouded mountains of ancient Japan lies the ancient shrine of Onitama. Masters of the Arts journey there with their most promising disciples, to prove their superiority in battle."

If you like two player strategy games, or chess, you'll really enjoy Onitama! It's played on a lovely neoprene mat and similarly to chess, you have board pieces used to take your opponents. Unlike chess, you achieve victory by taking your opponent's Master, OR, getting a Disciple to your opponents side of the board. There's also a cool info sharing mechanic. You and your opponent share movement cards, these are how you can move your pieces and when used, you rotate them into your opponents hand so they can use the same move next turn. It's got a lot of strategy and give and take so if that's your type of game, give this one a try!

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