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Product Spotlight: Planar Compass # 1

"The big black. The sea of souls. The Astral realm. There are many names for the space between the planes. In the center of it all lies and island..."The friendliest Port in the Planes." Whether you are a spirit that has been recently separated from your body or an adventurer traveling between worlds, chances are you're making a stop in...Dreamhaven!"

Planar Compass is a several issue Zine adding rules for traveling and adventuring in the Astral Sea. A vast void between the planes. These rules are meant for referees of the Old-School Essentials system. This first zine includes an intro to the setting, four adventures, four new classes, and resources for Psionic Powers and combat so you can use the psychic vibes of the Astral Sea to fell your enemies. It's a super cool resource for those looking for a more space faring journey in OSE, this is the zine for you!

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