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Product Spotlight: Root - The RPG

"The Marquise de Cat led her armies to victory over many of the clearings, but the Eyrie Dynasties rise again to oppose her. Meanwhile, the mice, rabbits, and foxes of the Woodland do not sit idly by—the Woodland Alliance, a homegrown rebellion, has emerged, promising to free the Woodland from any oppressors.

In the midst of this war, you and your friends—vagabonds all—travel between the clearings, taking on jobs no one else can or will do. You choose whom you serve, if anyone...but everyone knows you may tip the balance of the War."

Based on the award-winning board game of the same name, this RPG takes the story told and expands it further, allowing you to adventure through the world with more creative freedom than the board game. You can work together with your friends to change the Woodland for better or for worse. This book has everything you need to get started with a group of 3 to 6 players, so you and your friends can get started immediately on exploring the Woodland.

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