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Random Monster Wednesday 1.12.22


Abominations from the Dreamlands, dwaum are thankfully rarely encountered in the mortal world. They resemble large, ethereal catfish with abnormally long whiskers, swimming through the air as if it were water. Examined closely, these foul creatures have, instead of scales, a slime-coated membrane that is continually dripping a mildly acid goo. As far as can be determined dwaum are unintelligent, hunting by instinct. These creatures feed by paralyzing foe, injecting the acidic slime down the throats of their unsuspecting victims, and then sucking out the liquified internal organs via a probiscus-like feeding tube.

AC 2 [17], HD 4+3**(19 hp), Att 2 x whisker slap (1d6 plus paralyzation) THAC0 15 [+4], MV 60’ (20’), SV D10 W11 P12 B13 S14 (F9), ML 12, AL Neutral, XP 275, NA 1d2 (1d2), TT None

*Dwaum are immune to non-magical weapons and can only be harmed by spells or magical items.

*Those hit by a whisker attack must make a save versus paralysis or be paralyzed for 1d4+1 rounds.

*Paralyzed victims are then injected with an acidic liquid that does 1d6 damage per round. It takes one full round for the dwaum to inject this liquid, and there's a 1-2 in 6 chance they do so immediately after a victim is paralyzed, ignoring any other threats during this time.

*Dwaum are semi-incorporeal, and may travel through walls, stone, etc. at a rate of 1' per round.
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