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Random Monster Wednesday 12.29.21


This strange draconic creature averages about fifteen feet in length, from tip of the tail to the ends of its antlers. They have snake-like bodies covered in dull, greenish scales, and two stubby front-legs. Instead of a reptilian head, it is that of a male deer, complete with a large rack of antlers.

Maleufo attract prey via a strange and compelling sing-song-like whistle. Those that are drawn to the source are pummeled with the creature's antlers or targeted with its breath weapon.

Maleufo. AC 5 [14], HD 5* (20 hp), Att 1 x antler (2d4), 1 x bite (1d6) or breath weapon (see below) THAC0 15 [+4], MV 90’ (30’), SV D10 W11 P12 B13 S14 (F5), ML 9, AL Neutral, XP 300, NA 0 (1d4), TT D

Maleufo dwell in plains and hills, lairing in shallow caves and sunning themselves on flat rocks. They are distantly related to dragons; though the are barely more intelligent than domesticated animals they still retain the draconic urge to hoard treasure. The call of a maleufo is hypnotic and suggestive, urging those who hear it to follow the sound.

  • The song of a maleufo forces all intelligent creatures within 120' to make a saving throw versus spells with a +2 bonus. Those failing follow the call, although they will not take any obviously life-threatening actions nor will be predisposed towards the maleufo.

  • A maleufo may breath a cone of energy that has a length of 45' and a width at the end of 15'. All within the cone must make a save versus breath or suffer damage equal to the creature's current hit point total. Those that make the save suffer no ill effects. The cone of energy recharges of a roll of 5-6 on 1d6.

  • Any that remain alive after the initial breath weapon are pummeled by its antlers.

  • Maleufo mate for life, and are found in families of 1d4 creatures.

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