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SabreCon2024 Schedule

Updated: Jul 3

Here's the current schedule for SabreCon2024 (as of 7/03/24), to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the store's opening. This will be updated as events are added. Events with tickets will be labeled as such. You can purchase (or reserve, if the event has no cost) tickets here.

Thursday, July 4th

  • Keeper Lauren will be running a Call of Cthulhu scenario from noon until about four. Tickets are currently available.

  • Matt H will be running demo games of the Sorcery TCG, starting at 2:00 pm.

(The self publishing talk with Todd Leback and Gabriel Komissar has been canceled)

Friday, July 5th. Still have time slots available for events until Friday Night Magic

  • Craig G will be running demo games of Altered, a new TCG that will soon be available. Starts at 4.

  • Friday Night Magic will be the first night of the July Modern League. $10 entry, 3 rounds, every Friday this July, with it all going back out as prizing. Plus, raffles for box toppers, packs, and promo cards! You do NOT need to commit to the entire League in order to attend an FNM this month, and you will only pay for prizes that you are eligible to win.

Saturday, July 6th. Saturday is filled, although there will be time for short events from about 7:30 until close, after the MCP tournament.

  • We've got a three person panel discussion scheduled for noon on Saturday, featuring MK England, Alex Kingsley, and Sam Leigh. All three are published authors, and they'll be talking about a variety of topics including self-publishing, gaming, and more.

  • We'll be hosting a Marvel Crisis Protocol tournament starting at 2:00 and running until about 7:30. Tickets are required for this event. Prizes based on placement. There are still slots available.

Sunday, July 7th.

  • WH40k RTT. This event is full, but come by and check out the games!

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