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Tuesday Update

Well, today was a busy day for the mailcarrier. In addition to restocking a number of my own products (including premium copies of Into the Wild, Filling in the Blanks, and the Basilisk Hills Hexcrawl) I also got in a huge shipment of used 3rd edition books. It will take me awhile to get these all added to the website, but the overall list of what was shipped is below. If you see something you want send me a message via the Contact page and we can try and work something out before it goes live.



Green Ronin

Cavalier's Handbook

The Shaman's Handbook

Assassin's Handbook

Unholy Warrior's Handbook

Noble's Handbook

Avatar's Handbook

Bow & Blade :Guidebook to Wood Elves

Corwyl: Village of the Wood Elves

Advanced Bestiary

Legions of Hell

Sword & Sorcery

Book of Hallowed Might

Book of Hallowed Might II -- Portents & Visions

Book of Eldritch Might

Book of Eldritch Might II -- Songs and Souls of Power

Book of Eldritch Might III -- The Nexus

Psionic's Toolkit

Queen of Lies

The Giant's Skull

If Thoughts Could Kill

Monte Cook: The Diamond Throne

Monte Cook: Transcendence

Troll Lord Games

Winter Runes

The Winter Dark

The Malady of Kings

Avalanche Press

Ragnarok: Tales of the Norse Gods

Endless Sands: Arabian Adventures

Twilight of Atlantis

I, Mordred: The Fall and Rise of Camelot

Jade and Sand: Roleplaying in Mythic China

Fast Forward Entertainment

Dungeon World main book

Dungeon World -- Catacombs

Dungeon World -- Secrets of the Enemy Capital

Green Races: Monstrous Campaign Setting

Monstrous Wizard's Compendium

Treasure Quests: Tombs of Ra

Encyclopedia of Prestige Classes

Encyclopedia of Demons and Devils

Wondrous Items of Power

Swords of Power

Mongoose Press

Quintessential Rogue

Quintessential Cleric

Quintessential Fighter

Quintessential Wizard

Quintessential Witch

Quintessential Bard

Quintessential Monk

Encyclopedia Arcane: Chaos Magic

Encyclopedia Arcane: Star Magic

Skraag: City of Orcs

Cybernet RPG

Bastion Press

Spells & Magic

Oathbound: Domains of the Forge

Bad Axe Games

Heroes of High Favor: Dwarves

Heroes of High Favor: Halflings

Trailblazer: New Horizons in 3.5 roleplaying

Trailblazer: Teratologue


En Route II: By Land or Sea

Occult Lore

Three Days to Kill -- Penumbra

Battlefield Press

Northern Crown: New World Adventures

Northern Crown: The Gazetteer

Otherworld Creations

Mercenaries: Born of Blood

Forbidden Kingdoms Master Codex: Pulp Adventures

Goodman Games

Rumble in the Wizard's Tower

Against the Iron Giant

Monkey God Enterprises

Song of Storms -- Monkey God Enterprises

Cataclysm on Cloudholme --Monkey God Enterprises

A couple of other random items

A Saturday Night Special -- Frog God Games

Adventurer's Handbook: Genius Guide Vol 1 -- Super Genius Games

Legends & Lairs: Necromantic Lore -- Fantasy Flight

Monster Movie Matinee --- Fat Goblin Games

Sunscale: The Gryphon's Legacy --- Gaslight Press

Sovereign Stone Campaign Sourcebook --- White Silver

Sovereign Stone: The Taan -- Corsair Publishing

Sidewinder: Wild West Adventure --- Citizen Games

Link West: The Ultimate D20 Western RPG -- Link Media

The Black Monks of Glastonbury -- Atlas Games

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