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Tuesday Update 2.8.22

There's a bunch of new stuff to update on my own front.

*In case you missed it in the Roundup, I'm having a 25% off sale on all 'zines I carry during the month of February. Just use the code ZiMo22 at checkout for the discount to be applied.

*I've got the saddle-stitched copies of PHM #4 in today, and added them to the website. They are also eligible for the 'zine sale.

*I also just got in the new superhero rpg, Astonishing Super Heroes Basic book, in stock.

*Additionally, I just got in some new (used) AD&D and D&D books that are in pretty good condition, and I'll be adding them to the website over the course of this week. I've also recently added some more used titles, including a few old issues of Battletechnology, Dragon, and others.

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