Tuesday Update

Got some new titles into the store yesterday.

*Babel, a solo journaling game by David Blandy based on Bruegel's Tower of Babel.

*Lost Eons, another title by David Blandy. This is a gorgeous boxed set presenting a solar-punk sci-fi setting.

And some new titles by larger publishers:

*Monarchies of Mau, a supplement that explores a world dominate by cats. Compatible with Pugmire.

*Traveller Core Rulebook Update 2022. An updated version of the Traveller rules by Mongoose Games.

*Experience swashbuckling adventure on the dying planet of Mars in the Cavaliers of Mars.

*Continuing on with the Mars theme, Space 1889: Red Sands is the Savage Worlds version of the classic Space 1889 game.

*Finally, I also got in copies of the Savage Worlds Core Rulebook, Explorer's Edition.

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