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Tuesday Update

First, the big news is that I just got in the print proof of the Basilisk Hills Ultimate Offset print version. Printed in the US through Mixam, this serves as a proof for both the upcoming Kickstarter and so I can see what the quality is like for the just complete Lake of Abominations Kickstarter. Here are some photos I just took, showing the sewn binding and print quality.

Second, I just got another small lot of used books in. I'm going to be adding them to the website over the next few weeks, but if you see anything that interests you send me a pm and I'll get you pricing on it.

Off the Beaten Path by Thom Wilson/Throwi Games (System Neutral versions)

Mountain Excursions

Desert Excursions

City Excursions

Forest Excursions

Back to BasiX Issues 1-10 (compiled in a zine sized hardcover

Call of Cthulhu stuff

Unseen Masters

Mansions of Madness (2nd ed)

Colonial Terrors

Ramsey Campbell's Goatswood and Less Pleasant Places

New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley 2nd ed (by Stygian Fox)


Mercenaries Spies & Private Eyes rule book (softcover)

MS&PE Adventure of the Jade Jaguar

Exodus Post Apocalyptic Roleplaying

The Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings (TSR)

Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion

Gary vs The Monsters rulebook (whitebox RPG of schlocky horror)

Unhallowed Halls (3.X adventure in a school for wizards by Penumbra)

APEX (5E hardcover supplement by Dias Ex Machina)

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