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Wednesday Preview

I'm working on Populated Hexes Monthly Issue #8, and this one will feature the binder class. One of my favorite classes from the 3.5 days, binders strike pacts with vestiges -- beings that were once mortal, or gods, or something else -- but now exist as mere shadows of themselves, and gain some of that power for themselves.

One of the vestiges from this upcoming issue is Isumga.

Isumga (1st level / 7[12])

During the binding ritual the sound of thunder can be heard faintly off in the distance, growing steadily louder, until it is clear it is not thunder but the sound of a herd of enormous creatures stampeding. Just as the ritual reaches its conclusion the sound ends abruptly and a brief image of a massive, skeletal mastodon winks into existence before vanishing.

Influence. A binder that enters a pact with Isumga cannot walk softly, no matter how hard they try and the terrain they are crossing. Each step echoes with the thud of a several-ton creature. They cannot Move Silently, should they possess the ability, and foes are surprised on a roll of 1 in 6.

If the binder falls under the influence of Isumga they find themselves compelled to help, to the best of their ability, any creature they see in obvious distress. This does not apply to the binder acting in self-defense.

Granted Abilities.

► A binder that strikes a pact with Isumga does not need to eat or drink for as long as they remain bound to the vestige.

► If able to charge in combat (run in a straight line for at least 20 feet/yards) all melee attacks delivered at the end of their movement inflict an extra 1d6 damage.

► Once per day, by spending 1 BP, they can double a quantity of food they touch. They can double one day’s worth of food for each binder level they possess (a 3rd level binder can create 6 days of food from 3 days worth).

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