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ZiMo23 Interview: Chris Air

Chris Airiau, also known as Chris Air, is a French American game designer who is raising funds for Bio-Drones and Cryo-Clones, an adventure for the Mothership rpg.

Q: Easy question first: Give us the elevator pitch of your project. Tell us about it in two sentences or less.

A: Can you save Nanshao Co-op from a dead despot's resurrection, or will you Become the Mutant? Find out in Bio-Drones & Cryo-Clones, a biopunk adventure for Mothership RPG!

Q: Is this your first ZineMonth project or have you done it before? If it's your first, talk a bit about what inspired you to give it a shot this year. If you've done it before, what's something you've learned from previous crowdfunding projects that you may be doing differently this time, or, if you're not doing anything differently, talk a bit about your previous projects.

A: Bio-Drones & Cryo-Clones is my first Zine Month project, and the first crowdfunding project I've ever run. Zine Month 2022 was a huge inspiration for me to start making a Mothership RPG zine. Loads of incredible Mothership 3pp creators launched these awesome projects last February, and it's been motivating following the production of all their great work. I really didn't think I'd be doing one so soon, but I received a ton of support from game designers like Terry Herc, Marco Serrano, Christian Sorrell, Alfred Valley--all Mothership 3pp creators who had successful 2022 Zine Month projects. Instead of releasing a totally self-produced zine, I reached out to other folk in the scene to make a game worthy of Zine Month.

Q: Finally, tell us something about your current project that really excites you but the average backer may not be aware of. Maybe a twist to an old trope, a new way of presenting something, or maybe just something you've never tried before that you're using this as an opportunity to try out.

A: The central concept in Bio-Drones & Cryo-Clones is designed as a tongue-in-cheek translation of a “save point reset” into a sci-fi horror ttrpg experience. As an avid Metroidvania fan, I’ve always thought it's so underwhelming to die and “reset” as if your character’s death has no real impact on the environment. I wanted to build a consequence-heavy sci-fi scenario that emulated the effect with a heavy dose of Cronenberg's The Fly. This module wants to explore what it looks like when multiple PCs deaths during the same adventure are likely. How will players endeavor to use their marks on the environment to survive, solve or save? Oh right, and also they're on a timer, mutating into horrific monstrosities, so there's that too.

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