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ZineQuest Meet the Publisher: Daniel Perez

Daniel Perez is launching the Zine of Wondrous Power starting on August 1st. It's a pretty short Kickstarter, looking to fund in 15 days. You can find his website here.

Question. Give us the elevator pitch of your project. What's it about, as briefly as you can.

Answer. Zine of Wondrous Power, a tabletop roleplaying games zine featuring game material and essays. Issue 03 is SOCIETIES, featuring four organizations for any fantasy game, statted for 5th edition.

Q. If this is your first ZineQuest campaign talk a little bit about what you've found the process to be like thus far. If you've done it before, talk about what your experience has been in the past. Is there anything you're doing differently?

A. This is my fourth Kickstarter campaign. I've participated in ZineQuest 2 and 3, and also kickstarted an issue of the zine in between those events. With each Kickstarter campaign, I've learned lessons that I incorporate into my next one. In my first campaign, The Ioun Codex for ZineQuest 2, I ran the KS, got it successfully funded, then got to work on doing the zine. I got it done and delivered, but it was a grueling time of feeling pressured and rushed to finish something that was supposed to bring me joy as a creator. From then on, I've had my Kickstarter projects at least 90% completed before I even build the campaign page. This way I can deliver digital rewards as soon as the campaign ends and the funds clear, which does wonder to build audience confidence in me as a creator, and any subsequent projects.

Q. Tell us something about your project that really excites you.

A. I LOVE fantasy societies, and with Zine of Wondrous Power Issue 03, I'm getting to geek out on that subject. The four societies in the zine each have a familiar trope of fantasy as its seed, and then I just have fun with it, letting it go into new places. We have a mercenary company with a formidable heave cavalry, a monk society that's all about seeing beyond what can be seen, a paladin order that seeks to unify three aspects of a diety once more, and dream clerics fighting off incursions from the Nightmare Lands. I decided to go with 5th edition rules this time to challenge myself to design for that system, and because they are still generic enough that any game derived from D&D can easily adapt the material. I'm excited to see what people think of the issue!

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