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ZineQuest Meet the Publisher: Gianluca of FLAM

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Gianluca along with the collaborative Italian FLAM, a studio of role-playing games developers. We launched our first Kickstarter campaign for a Mörk Borg compatible product during the past year, and we are now back with a new project, Dead Gods Hunters.

Question: Give us the elevator pitch for your project.

Answer: A dark and gloomy Mörk Borg zine about hunters looking for dead gods and the forbidden powers within their sacred remains.

Q: Is this your first ZineQuest? If so, what are you hoping to get out of the experience?

A:This is our first experience with Zine Quest. Our Kickstarter campaign for "LORD: a Mörk Borg Adventure" received a positive reception, and we decided to return to Kickstarter with a new Mörk Borg compatible product: the Dead Gods Hunters zine. In truth, our participation in this year's Zine Quest is an exhilarating and fortuitous coincidence; we have been working on the zine for some time and we were already planning to launch the campaign by summer, but only recently found out about the August Zine Quest!

Q: Tell us one thing that really excites you about your project.

A:The idea of writing a zine about hunters who specialize in hunting dead gods came almost naturally. Fighting a god in a role-playing game can certainly be a thrilling experience, but few things scream "Mörk Borg" as much as a racing against other hunters to snatch away the rotting body of a deity and its lingering divine powers. It’s a dark concept, that’s true. But no one forbids players to actually hunt for a greater good: keeping those dreadful powers out of the wrong hands.

Our goal with this project is to draw on our previous experience in full and produce a work that is a step up in every way. For LORD, our last adventure, we chose to use the print-on-demand service offered by DriveThruRPG; it was a convenient and effective solution. This time, however, we want to customize our product freely, choosing paper weight and type, adding olographic foil details, and so on. We have decided to collaborate with a print house experienced in the board game industry, and shipping will be handled by a reputable company that has already collaborated with major studios.

Clearly, all of this will entail much higher costs for us than LORD, but we are confident that when backers will have the zine in their hands, they will notice our commitment and will not regret putting their trust in us.

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