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ZineQuest Meet the Publisher: Harry Menear

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Harry Menear is crowdfunding the The Beast of Borgenwold. They can be found on instagram and their sporadically updated blog.

Question: Give us the elevator pitch of your project.

Answer: The Beast of Borgenwold is a dark and dangerous adventure that pits players against a sleepless, merciless, lurching horror from beyond the grave. Uncover a sinister tale of greed and death, packed with drunken monster hunters, scabrous townsfolk, and miraculous fishy goblins on the path to godhood.

Q: Have you ever done a ZineQuest before? If not, what motivated you to do so and what are your goals?

A: This is my first time pulling the trigger on a kickstarter. I've sold a couple of adventures before - to sites and other anthology zines - but this is the first thing I've put out that's solely been on me, which is a deeply surreal feeling. Still, it was definitely getting those pieces out there and the generally positive response from people that made me think this might be worth a bash. Honestly, though, I wouldn't have ever dared to do something as, uh, presumptuous as inflict something I wrote on the rest of the world without the encouragement, advice and support from the OSR community.

Q: Tell us something about your project that really excites you.

A: Okay, so the random tables are where this module really shines. From the random encounter tables or the "What are those Goblins Doing" page, to the generators for townsfolk, abandoned merchant caravans, magically mutated goblins, and drunken monster hunters, they've been the things that really make the module sing in playtesting. Obviously, there are a few static elements to the adventure - key NPCs and locations - but I wanted this to feel more kaleidoscopic, more like a DM could run it a dozen slightly different ways and still come up with new ways that all the components fit together. I'm pretty proud of that, I guess.

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