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ZineQuest Meet the Publisher: Knight Owl Publishing

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Ahimsa of Knight Owl Publishing is crowdfunding for Into the Space Worm, ending the middle of August.

Question: Give us the elevator pitch of your project.

Answer: Into the Space Worm is an adventure where players get to explore a giant space worm that fell to the earth.It's full of priceless worm ambergris but also full of demons who are extracting it, as well as plenty of other adventurers trying to wet their beaks.

Q: Have you done any Kickstarters before? If so, talk about your previous projects and if you've learned anything you're going to apply to this one.

A: This is not the first Kickstarter for Knight Owl Publishing. We've previously kickstarted Worm Witch, Scourge of the Scorn Lords, Aquatic Adventures, and the Old School and Cool zines. We learn a little more each time, and of course the world has changed a bit over the last couple years. Some of the lessons we've learned along the way is that backerkit is definitely worth it, fulfilling pdfs through DTRPG saves a lot of time, and always give yourself more time than you think you need (especially in regards to shipping, especially especially in regards to shipping overseas.)

Q: Tell us something about your project that you think is really neat that may not be totally obvious.

A: The giant dead (in this case petrified) animal as a dungeon isn't a new idea, but I do think it's a little underused as a concept. I think it's a little more fun than another cave or temple. Interestingly, this was originally written to be played by two different tables at the same time, where they raced one another to the heart of the dungeon. In practice, it's hard enough to get one table of people together, let alone two, so we edited it to make it more standard. I still think it would be cool though!

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