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ZineQuest Meet the Publisher: Landen P

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Landen P is crowdfunding Pocket Hex, a foldable solo-roleplaying hexcrawl pocket mod.

Question: Give us the elevator pitch for your project.

Answer: Pocket Hex is a set of 3 pocket mods that form a hex-map adventure for shorter solo play sessions. Use the random tables and other systems to trek across the map – perfect for squeezing in a session when you may not have the time for a full 4+ hours!

Q: Have you ever participated in ZineQuest before? If not, what are your goals and what do you hope to get out of the project?

A: This is my first Kickstarter! I’ve been a big fan/supporter of Zine Quest over the past two years (missed the first one!) and have been wanting to be a part of it from the creator's side. I’ve been making small games on itch io for the past 3 or so years and have honestly loved everything about the hobby up till this point.

I did want to keep things smallish for this first project though, and have a bit of comfort in making pocket mods as I enjoy the format so much personally. A couple of days of brainstorming eventually led to where I’m at now. A hex map with a few keyed locations and many, many more blank locations, all looking to be filled in by the player and the tools that the books provide you!

Q: Tell us something that really excites you about your project.

A: Using such a small format and wanting to squeeze as much legible information into the books as possible, I’ve had to play around with how I’m presenting the information. I’m really happy with the hex map itself being printed on the backside of the base rules booklet. So, after reading it you just need to unfold and flip it over to have the full size hex map laid out in front of you! I’ve also implemented an “in case of emergency” diceless system that borders each side of the map that I’m quite proud/happy about : )

Thank you for the interest in my project, and I hope everyone has a great month – whether you’re a backer of projects, creator, or both!

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