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ZineQuest Meet the Publisher: Storeywood Press

Storeywood Press is a co-op of game designers launching the project Hunters of the Occult. You can find their various social media links here.

Question. Give us the elevator pitch of your project. What's it about, as briefly as you can.

Answer. Hunters of the Occult is a TTRPG set in an alternate 1800's world overrun by vampires, werewolves, demons, and other monsters. The player characters are career monster hunters who use their skills, abilities, knowledge, and customized weapons to slay monsters and become famous for doing so.

Q. If this is your first ZineQuest campaign talk a little bit about what you've found the process to be like thus far. If you've done it before, talk about what your experience has been in the past. Is there anything you're doing differently?

A. This is technically our second ZineQuest, though we did a Kickstarter earlier this year that was intended to be for ZineQuest 2022 by the name of Holy Artifacts of the Sacred Tragedies. One thing we’ve learned a lot about is planning and preparing. You do not need to have your game finished to go to Kickstarter, but we’ve found it’s very helpful to have as much of the leg work done going into the campaign. It helps you start strong and end strong. We’re also incredibly fortunate in that we’re a group of individuals who have come together and all been able to work towards a common goal of getting projects printed. All of us working together has made our workflow a lot less stressful, and significantly more productive and energetic.

Q. Tell us something about your project that really excites you.

A. In a game where the characters are effectively mercenaries for monsters, we thought it was important to have some way of expressing their character through that monster-slaying in Hunters of the Occult. To that end, we have built from scratch a system for crafting customized weapons, and every character gets one. In a nutshell, the characters choose a weapon template and add modifications to it. These modifications range from simple numerical bonuses, to adding special effects, to specializing against certain monsters. Then, the characters can add additional modifications as they progress through their career, should they choose to do so. In the playtesting we've done this has consistently been the piece that gets the most praise. A lot of players take that opportunity to get really creative with their character's custom weapon, and use it to inform who that character is and what they do.

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